VACNITE Travel Steamer, Clothes Garment Steamer with Stainless Soleplate (Vertical & Horizontal Ironing

You have probably heard about the benefits of steamers. They are convenient, efficient, time-saving and steam things to perfection. It is unfair, but there is practically no information on the Internet on how to use this modern device correctly, how to steam different types of fabrics correctly, and what tricks will help make a steamer for clothes as effective as possible. All articles,helpful tips are written about irons.

VACNITE Travel Steamer, Clothes Garment Steamer with Stainless Soleplate (Vertical & Horizontal Ironing

Feature of VACNITE Travel Steamer, Clothes Garment Steamer with Stainless Soleplate (Vertical & Horizontal Ironing

  • Immediate heating up characteristic pvovide high-pressure steam within just 25s and the device can then work up to 10 minutes.
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate and fabric brush work great to touch up and de-wrinkle almost all clothing.Detachable and transparent water tank allows you to know how much water there is left, in case you need to refill.
  • On/off switch and automatically shut-off safety system guarantee a reassured daily use.

How to choose a home garment steamer

Household appliances help to cope with them. Before choosing a garment steamer, you need to familiarize yourself with its design, features, types, basic and additional functions.

Design and purpose of the device

The basis of the apparatus is a steam generator. It consists of a water reservoir (boiler), a pump that pumps a liquid, and a heating element. In the container, moisture is heated to a boil and passes into the aggregate state of steam. It is fed into the iron through a hose. With this attachment, the user processes things.

What is a steamer for:

  • Smoothers clothes made of complex, delicate, delicate fabrics. The iron does not touch the fabric, so it is not able to damage it, leave wrinkles, glossy marks.
  • Things with ruffles, bows, beads, embroidery, lace, many buttons are difficult to put in order. Steam will straighten creases, creases, without damaging the decor.
  • If the device has high power, it will iron a coat, raincoat, jacket placed on a hanger.
  • The steamer is able to handle curtains hanging from the eaves. The size of his hose is enough to the very top of the curtains.

Why do you need a steamer

There are many reasons for taking a steamer. Let’s highlight the main advantages of this technique:

Respect for the steamed product. The structure of work and the general design of the steamer is such that it is impossible for them to spoil clothes, since the iron does not use heating elements in its work. Therefore, with the help of the steamer, you can make even the most delicate fabrics that you were afraid to iron with an iron to a perfect look.

Time. According to the statistics of many experiments, the steamer has the ability to iron faster than an iron. Sometimes this ironing time using a steamer can be reduced by up to four or even five times.

There are things that cannot be ironed with an iron. For example, jackets, embroidered dresses, coats, jackets. And then the steamer comes to the rescue, which copes with the task of ironing perfectly.

No shiny spots or creases. The steamer does not leave marks on the fabric, as it does not exert any pressure on it. Garments become softer after using the steamer.

They can iron not only trousers, blouses and dresses, but also curtains and curtains, without even having to remove them from the eaves.

Eliminates odors. The steamer, when exposed to fabric, completely removes unpleasant smells of tobacco and smoke.