TruePower 709-1254 10-Inch Carpet Seaming Iron

If ironing is one of the activities you do most often in your home, then consider buying an iron with a boiler. This will save you time and effort. Compared to traditional irons, the boiler ones, even cheaper, allow you to have a larger tank and therefore a continuous steam for longer. Having to fill the tank fewer times will certainly save you a lot of time. Also consider the type of clothing you find yourself ironing most often. If you usually iron a lot of shirts and dresses, then you need a boiler iron. Steam in boiler irons has more pressure, so the ironing quality is higher, and with garments that usually require more passes, with boiler irons the passes decrease significantly.

TruePower 709-1254 10-Inch Carpet Seaming Iron

Feature of TruePower 709-1254 10-Inch Carpet Seaming Iron

  • Heat shield protects carpet backing from overheating
  • Even heat distribution facilitates melting & smooth seams
  • Convenient 5-position front thermostat switch

How to consider the price before buying Irons

As for the price, we must immediately say that its entity, in addition to being understandably linked to the quality of the materials, the power and the technological and functional characteristics of the iron, also depends on the possible distribution and assistance network that it manufacturer guarantees in terms of ancillary services.

In principle, if we plan to use the iron frequently and for long work sessions with more or more delicate garments, it is reasonable to move towards powerful products, with resistant materials and advanced technology. These features will inevitably lead to a higher than average price, but should guarantee a greater working capacity and life span of the appliance. Conversely, if the purchase of iron is aimed at a person who needs to iron only occasionally, then you can be satisfied with cheaper products.

Let us also remember that the cost of the iron also contributes to the consumption of energy and, possibly, of distilled water. Especially for the first type of consumption, it is important to avoid buying models that are oversized in terms of power.

Iron. How to make the right purchase?

If you are not sure which model of flat iron to buy , it is useful to keep in mind some important elements at this stage.

Power : indicated in Watts, it not only represents the energy consumption of the appliance, but also affects the heating times of the plate and steam production.

Tank capacity : factor on which the working autonomy depends; the basic measure recommended for a good product is 300 ml.

Plate : must guarantee excellent smoothness on fabrics, reaching difficult and narrow points such as cuffs and collar of shirts. The plates differ in shape, material (ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel) and in the number and distribution of holes.

Continuous steam emission : measured in grams of steam per minute, this is an aspect that affects ironing performance for effective and fast removal of creases from fabrics.

Shot of steam : this too, measured in revolutions per minute, coincides with the maximum steam jet that can be activated by means of a special button, and is used when necessary in the presence of the most stubborn creases.

Weight : a light iron is obviously much more manageable and comfortable.

There are also other small tricks and functions that affect the ease of use and maintenance of the iron itself. We are talking for example of vertical steam , ideal for refreshing fabrics, such as curtains, or the collar of jackets and shirts; and the eco mode , which offers energy and water savings. Almost all irons include the descaling function , which serves precisely to prevent limescale from accumulating, affecting its performance. This function is integrated in all those models where tap water can be used. Always to ensure optimal performance and pleasant use, there is often arevolving cable , a self-cleaning system and an anti-drip system , which precisely prevents water from leaking out of the holes, (a problem that can occur when you switch to a lower temperature).

Especially for those who are experimenting with the iron for the first time, setting the right temperature can be a bit problematic. Precisely to meet this need, various brands have introduced a technology that automatically sets the temperature according to the fabric that is going to be ironed. In order to guarantee maximum safety, the latest generation irons are also equipped with an automatic shut-off system when the appliance is not used for a couple of minutes. In even more sophisticated models, the iron switches off as soon as the handle is released and then switches on again as soon as it is held again.