Travel steamer for clothes,Portable steamer for clothes in 60s heat-up powerful portable travel steamer iron

Travel iron. Usually this is a smaller than normal horizontal iron, although as we have seen it can also be vertical. Its power is usually lower than other models, but it is lighter and easier to handle.

Travel steamer for clothes,Portable steamer for clothes in 60s heat-up powerful portable travel steamer iron

Feature of Travel steamer for clothes,Portable steamer for clothes in 60s heat-up powerful portable travel steamer iron

  • 150ML TRAVEL SIZE HANDHELD GARMENT STEAMER ‘The light weight and mini size made it ideal for travel, it can be stored easily.
  • DOUBLE HEATING ELEMENTS : Power 700W WITH METAL NOZZLE ‘304s/s metal nozzle with 700 w stronger power can heat-up powerful and release steam more quickly.
  • ONE BUTTON ON/OFF SWITCH ‘Easy to use with one switch. Fill in the water with 150ml and press the button ON to work and OFF for out of work.

How to use the steam iron

Irons are more common in life, but I believe you don’t see many steam irons. Because of the lack of visibility, there are questions about how to use steam irons because they don’t know much about steam irons. Faced with such problems, I think Let me introduce you to the steam iron and tell you how to use it correctly. Please see the introduction of the steam iron below.

An iron is one of the commonly used household appliances in modern times, used to iron clothes. When clothes are placed, there are often wrinkles, distortions, shrinkage, etc., when you use an iron to repeatedly move the clothes horizontally, the clothes will become straight, stiff, tidy, and smooth, and will not look awkward and soft. The look collapsed. Nowadays, irons are of various types according to different designs. According to the different types of bottom plates, there are stainless steel bottom plates, Teflon non-stick bottom plates, coated bottom plates, gold-coated bottom plates, titanium bottom plates, smooth clothing bottom plates, streamlined enamel bottom plates; electronic temperature adjustment and mechanical temperature adjustment are available; There are 1-12 gears or even more gears; the power has 1 thousand to 3000 or even lower or higher power; according to the way of carrying, it is also divided into cordless irons and cordless irons, which can be described as various. With the improvement of living standards and the advancement of technology, garment ironers with richer functions and safer have emerged. There is also a place named “Flatiron District”, located in Shaanxi, the terrain is like a flatiron.

When the steam switch is turned on, the water stored in the steam iron flows to the high-temperature ironing plate, and the water becomes steam when heated. At this time, the steam is sprayed out of the hole. Being able to spray out the designed hole can achieve the purpose of ironing the clothes and protecting them from being burnt. Special attention should be paid when ironing high-end clothes. It is best to iron the clothes flat and iron them. It is not necessary to dry the clothes, so as not to accidentally burn the clothes and let the clothes dry naturally. beneficial!

1. In order to avoid limescale, cold water should be poured as much as possible. 2. Choose the appropriate temperature according to various clothing materials. If you don’t know the fabric of your clothes, you can try ironing them in a place that you can’t see when you are wearing them. 3. After the water temperature reaches the adjusted temperature, start ironing, otherwise the water will leak from the soleplate. Please note that this does not mean that the iron is malfunctioning, but that the temperature is not enough to evaporate water into steam and flow out of the soleplate. 4. Use steam fumigation to restore the elasticity of the temperament fiber, and the reflective fabric can be restored to its original shape due to grinding pressure. If you spray the steam while brushing in the opposite direction with a brush, the effect will be more ideal. 5. Don’t put the ironed clothes in the closet right away. Hang them on the hanger first, let the heat completely evaporate and then hang them in the closet, so that it will not become moldy and spoiled. 6. The scale has been produced, and the automatic cleaning function of the iron can be used to automatically clean it. If this function is not available, a small amount of vinegar can be mixed with water into the iron head, and then spray steam with a powerful steam jet to remove the scale. The water tank should be cleaned afterwards. 7. After using up, be sure to pour out the remaining water. If it is not clean, turn on the power to let the steam spray out of the soleplate. Pull out the plug and store upright, which can extend the service life.

The above is the introduction and usage of the steam iron. In my opinion, the steam iron is a very effective helper to help us smooth out the wrinkles on our clothes and keep our clothes tidy. It allows you to wear formal clothes. Neat clothes will not let you lose face, and the editor of the steam iron has also told you all. The above is today’s content. I wish you a happy life.

Advantages of steam iron

The advantages of a steam iron are many specifications, a wide range of applications, light weight, fast heat generation and fast heat loss. However, although it has a certain improvement compared with ordinary electric irons, it still needs to be artificially wetted, so it is not an ideal ironing tool. The water vapor liquefies and releases a large amount of hot ironing clothes because the temperature will not exceed 100 ℃, so the clothes will not be ironed.

Because the liquefaction of water vapor will release heat, the steam iron of the steam iron has a higher temperature and better flatness, and it can also improve the sterilization effect. The formed fine water droplets have an adsorption effect on the dust of the fibrous tissue inside the clothes.

Don’t press the iron too hard when ironing clothes, so as not to show traces of cloth edges on the surface of the clothes. Don’t put the clothes away immediately after comforting, hang them to dry.