Sup Deja Large Printed Ironing Board Cover and Pad Resist Scorching and Staining 18″ X 58″

The quality of the cover directly affects its price, the simpler the cover, the cheaper it will cost. Cheap versions of covers are made from ordinary cotton fabric. If the cover is made of synthetic fabric, which does not allow moisture to pass through and does not stick to the iron, then such a board will cost more.

Sup Deja Large Printed Ironing Board Cover and Pad Resist Scorching and Staining 18

Feature of Sup Deja Large Printed Ironing Board Cover and Pad Resist Scorching and Staining 18″ X 58″

  • *Premium fine quality material:Adopt high quality and heat resistant 100% cotton with scorch and stain resistant,Eco-friendly sponge,Breathable non-chemical cotton.
  • *Premium elastic skirt tailored firmly secure the ironing cover all-round for tightly fit.4 Non-slip retaining clip pull the cover surface tight and straight with tension straps for universal fit.Make sure your smooth ironing and save your time.
  • *Avoid dyeing and burning of heat-resistant cotton.This material gives off heat and steam evenly, improving ironing safety and efficiency.Perfect thickness to avoid ironing board marks on clothes.

Choice of covers

It is necessary to choose a cover based on the dimensions of the board (width, length and shape). Most often, such products are sold for products of modern manufacturers. Therefore, even if the dimensions of the product are the same, then its shape may differ. The nose of the board is tapered, round, oval or blunt. If the board is made by a branded company, then the possibility of purchasing quality products is significantly expanded than for the products of an “unnamed” company. In this case, the patterns are developed for a specific construction model. All well-known manufacturers offer single-color or multi-colored removable covers that are not dangerous for white things, since in this case only high-quality fabric dyeing technologies are used

What is important when choosing a cover?

The removable cover is very important for ironing. It should combine both functionality and practicality. The process must be approached very responsibly and competently. We live in a modern world where even the ironing board cover serves as an interior detail and is an accessory. But do not forget about the main purpose – safe and high-quality ironing of things.

Step by step instructions for choosing a cover.

We measure the ironing board. We are interested in length and width. If everything is clear with the length, but as for the width, then we measure only the working surface in the widest place. The countertop requires special attention, its edge can be of different shapes – round, blunt or conical. Consider this factor too.

Decide on the coating material. It can be very different, we will consider this moment in detail a little further.

The presence of packing.

Choose a mount that suits your board.