Speedy Press Steam Press Stand – Steam Press Adjustable Telescopic Iron Stand for Speedy Press Compact Iron Press

You have probably heard about the benefits of steamers. They are convenient, efficient, time-saving and steam things to perfection. It is unfair, but there is practically no information on the Internet on how to use this modern device correctly, how to steam different types of fabrics correctly, and what tricks will help make a steamer for clothes as effective as possible. All articles,helpful tips are written about irons.

Speedy Press Steam Press Stand - Steam Press Adjustable Telescopic Iron Stand for Speedy Press Compact Iron Press

Feature of Speedy Press Steam Press Stand – Steam Press Adjustable Telescopic Iron Stand for Speedy Press Compact Iron Press

  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE Our steam press iron stand was built to hold up to wear and tear but is still easy to move out of the way when you’re finished steaming
  • A PERFECT FIT Designed specifically to fit the Speedy Press stream press so you’re guaranteed an optimal fit with the steam press and stand
  • NO SLIPPING OR SLIDING Anti-slip caps on the feet keep the Speedy Press Steam press iron with stand from moving as you work

A steamer – what is it

A steamer is an apparatus that emits a jet of steam, which acts on the fabric and smoothes its structure. It is small in size and looks like a mini vacuum cleaner. It has a water tank and a hose with a nozzle. Due to its dimensions, the unit can be hung on the shoulder and will not interfere.

Steamer functionality

The main task of the device is to iron textiles, disinfect, remove allergens and dust from clothes and eliminate unpleasant odors. For this, only water is used, no chemical cleaners are needed.

Types of steamers

There are such varieties:

By design:



By the principle of work:



By functio



Horizontal and vertical steamers

Horizontal steamers are used for cleaning and ironing clothes, while vertical steamers are used when working with curtains. The vertical curtain steamer allows you to manipulate without removing the curtains from the eaves, which will save time and effort.

An important point of Steamer

The steamers from the second subgroup already have a higher power, which is why their efficiency is much higher.

Powerful steam flow, control is already on the handle, which is more convenient. The metal iron in some models has an additional heating function. The large tank has the ability to add water. Another advantage of these devices is several modes that allow you to decrease and increase the power. This feature comes in handy if you have hot air sensitive fabrics in your wardrobe.

The third type includes steamers and steam cleaners . These are devices that combine two devices at once – a steamer and a steam cleaner. If you need sterile cleaning at home, you cannot do without this “machine”. The hot steam helps the bacteria disappear and various contaminants are removed.

With such a steamer, you can even clean off grease that is stuck on the surfaces of the stove, mirror, in the oven, and wash the tile floor with a steam mop. The option is relevant especially in those families where there are children.

The fourth type is already professional devices , which are usually installed in shops, in a wardrobe theater, in clothing stores and other similar places. But, if desired, they can be installed at home.

Steamers of this type are distinguished by their high power, which allows them to work for a significant amount of time without interruption. The tank has a large volume, there are some functional parts for professional use, for example, a convenient frame hanger.