Shark STEAM PRO Iron,1800W, Copper

You need to find the steam iron that best suits your ironing habits. Ironing the clothes you use to work every day is not the same as ironing the ‘normal’ clothes of the whole family once a week.

A model with good performance will make ironing considerably easier, but it will also have a higher price.

Do you want to know what the proper power of the iron is or what its pressure should be? Then don’t miss our “Purchase criteria” section, you will discover these and other important aspects.

Shark STEAM PRO Iron,1800W, Copper

Feature of Shark STEAM PRO Iron,1800W, Copper

  • 1800 watts of power creates professional steam.
  • 9.5″ Premium Stainless Steel Soleplate with Smooth Glide maneuverability.
  • Large 300 ml water tank.

The shape of the plate Irons

From the point of view of the shape of the plate, it should be considered that wide shapes with short points are particularly suitable for ironing simple garments such as jeans trousers and T-shirts. On the other hand, when it is necessary to iron with precision, for example, around buttons, shirt collars, etc. a narrow and elongated shape is generally more effective , with a more or less sharp point able to enter narrow angles.

Distribution and number of holes

The number and distribution of the holes is more difficult to evaluate in terms of impact on the quality of the work, however it may be useful to know that a homogeneous presence of holes over the entire surface of the plate generally leads to a high smoothness of movement on the fabric. , while a reduced number of holes, perhaps concentrated more towards the iron point, allows to be more precise in the details.

At this point, we have dealt with the main features present on the iron, but to complete our guide we cannot ignore other factors that contribute to the final decision. These are, in particular, the price, materials and brand of the manufacturer.

Elements to consider in an iron with boiler

The soleplate: there is no doubt that the soleplate is the most important element for an iron. On the market there are plates of different materials, basically 3. There are stainless steel plates, those in Teflon and those in aluminum. These alloys are the most used as they are the best in heat conduction and avoid overheating of the iron. The tank: There are two types of tanks, the internal and the external one. In case of internal tank the capacity is reduced compared to the external one. The tip: irons constructed from aluminum are usually the best and the heat is concentrated at the tip. This feature is very useful when dealing with difficult areas such as collars and corners.

So before purchasing your new iron, several elements should be taken into consideration, including the tank capacity and the plate material. Other elements to consider are: the power of delivery of the jet, the comfortable and ergonomic handle and a not excessive weight of the iron (never more than 2 kilograms). Other minor features to take into consideration are: the possibility of ironing on different fabrics, the anti-limescale function, an auto shut-off system, vertical steam (useful for ironing, for example, jackets and curtains vertically), an anti-drip system and the Microsteam plate (with micro holes for steam output).