SALAV GS25-DJ Rose Gold Garment Steamer with Slim Profile

Technical inventions make life more comfortable, as evidenced by the appearance of garment steamers in the household goods market. Due to its versatility and reliability, the device has become widely known and settled in many homes.

SALAV GS25-DJ Rose Gold Garment Steamer with Slim Profile

Feature of SALAV GS25-DJ Rose Gold Garment Steamer with Slim Profile

  • 1.3 liter removable translucent water tank provides over 46 minutes of continuous steam
  • 360 degrees swivel, folding adjustable hanger
  • 4.6 ft. double insulated hose

A steamer – what is it

A steamer is an apparatus that emits a jet of steam, which acts on the fabric and smoothes its structure. It is small in size and looks like a mini vacuum cleaner. It has a water tank and a hose with a nozzle. Due to its dimensions, the unit can be hung on the shoulder and will not interfere.

Steamer functionality

The main task of the device is to iron textiles, disinfect, remove allergens and dust from clothes and eliminate unpleasant odors. For this, only water is used, no chemical cleaners are needed.

Types of steamers

There are such varieties:

By design:



By the principle of work:



By functio



Horizontal and vertical steamers

Horizontal steamers are used for cleaning and ironing clothes, while vertical steamers are used when working with curtains. The vertical curtain steamer allows you to manipulate without removing the curtains from the eaves, which will save time and effort.

What is inside steamer

Having figured out what type of steamer you want to buy, you should also think about the “stuffing” of the device, because some types give more steam, while others give less.

It all depends on the heating elements, which are steel and made of brass according to the material of manufacture.

There is an opinion that brass, as a material, is more durable. But it is not so. The properties of this element are such that brass has less corrosion resistance, which does not affect the service life of the device.


The latest steamers consist of a tank, pump, heater and valve. A simple mechanism provides steam, the power of which depends on the power of the heating element.

In conclusion, a few more words about the configuration of steamers.

When buying, this is also worth paying attention to. Almost all steamer models have the following equipment:


clips for trousers,

protective mitten,

accessories for collar and pocket steamers,

hangers for clothes, which conveniently fix the thing for ironing.