Rowenta X-Cel Handheld Steamer

For the first time, steamers appeared on the market back in 1940, after development and improvement, this device appeared in many country. Probably, many remember how at that time in shopping centers, as a rule, a small exposition with different types of steamers was placed in a prominent place, and an employee proudly demonstrating their miraculous capabilities. But now, in the generation of the availability of any information,we can easily understand this really not complex device, which is very close in principle to the usual one.Here is one of the best Garment Steamer.

 Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact Garment Steamer

Feature of Rowenta X-Cel Handheld Steamer

  • POWERFUL STEAM OUTPUT – with 1100 Watts of power and up to 17grams/minute of continuous steam output for fast de-wrinkling and sanitizing
  • REMOVABLE WATER TANK – Easy refilling with regular tap water
  • COMPACT DESIGN – for traveling and easy storage, with a self-standing base
  • VERSATILE AND SAFE – Easily steam horizontally as needed for larger garments, furniture, pet beds, kid’s toys, and more without spitting hot water or leaking
  • 3 ACCESSORIES – Fabric brush for heavier fabrics, steam bonnet to prevent any dripping on delicates, and a door hook for easily hanging clothes to be steamed

How a steamer works and its types
With a steamer, it won’t be difficult for you.Remove old dried stains, glue and other dirt from various surfaces disinfect the premises and destroy pathogenic microorganisms: mold, dust mites, moths and their larvae freshen up terry and fur products to steam things in a suspended state (hung on a chair, trempel). Now, I will tell you how this effect is achieved and how the steamer works. Each appliance has a heat-resistant water tank. A special heating element inside it brings the water to a boil, as a result of which the steam rises through the tube and exits through the holes in the nozzle.

The high temperature of the steam and its continuous supply ensure maximum penetration into the fiber (the iron delivers steam impulsively, which impairs penetration), which helps to dissolve old stains and destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Along with this, the process of tissue straightening occurs.

Why do you need a garment steamer and what is its advantage?

The obvious advantages of a handheld garment steamer are its compactness and lightness, making it easy to take with you on trips. Life hackers even use it to heat water for tea. Its disadvantages are its low power – it can only iron clothes made of light material and underwear, as well as a short period of work – due to its small spaciousness, its work time is limited to fifteen minutes. You should pay attention to the design of the device – it allows them to work only in an upright position.

How to steam things properly: instructions for using the device
Before starting work, carefully inspect the integrity of the product and the presence of all necessary parts. After that, you can start steaming.

So, how to use the steamer correctly:

First you need to fill the special container of the device with water. To do this, just open the lid, pour water inside. Then you need to connect the device to electricity. It is not recommended to open the reservoir lid after this. Then the indicator light should come on, which signals that the water heating process has started. If it goes out, the device is ready for steaming.
To get a steady stream of steam and steam things with a steamer or disinfect various surfaces, you just need to press the special steam release button.
During ironing or disinfection, you need to drive the nozzle over things or dirty surfaces until the desired result is achieved. To remove fluff or wool from clothes, you need to install a brush attachment (if available).