Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer, Black

You have probably heard about the benefits of steamers. They are convenient, efficient, time-saving and steam things to perfection. It is unfair, but there is practically no information on the Internet on how to use this modern device correctly, how to steam different types of fabrics correctly, and what tricks will help make a steamer for clothes as effective as possible. All articles,helpful tips are written about irons.

Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer, Black

Feature of Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer, Black

  • FRESHEN AND SANITIZE – Powerful steam kills up to 99. 9% of odor-causing bacteria on clothing and fabric
  • PRECISION STEAM CONTROL – 2 levels of steam power to adjust as needed depending on garment type
  • POWERFUL STEAM – 1500 Watts of steam power and 37 grams/minute of continuous steam power

How to choose a home garment steamer

Household appliances help to cope with them. Before choosing a garment steamer, you need to familiarize yourself with its design, features, types, basic and additional functions.

Design and purpose of the device

The basis of the apparatus is a steam generator. It consists of a water reservoir (boiler), a pump that pumps a liquid, and a heating element. In the container, moisture is heated to a boil and passes into the aggregate state of steam. It is fed into the iron through a hose. With this attachment, the user processes things.

What is a steamer for:

  • Smoothers clothes made of complex, delicate, delicate fabrics. The iron does not touch the fabric, so it is not able to damage it, leave wrinkles, glossy marks.
  • Things with ruffles, bows, beads, embroidery, lace, many buttons are difficult to put in order. Steam will straighten creases, creases, without damaging the decor.
  • If the device has high power, it will iron a coat, raincoat, jacket placed on a hanger.
  • The steamer is able to handle curtains hanging from the eaves. The size of his hose is enough to the very top of the curtains.

Equipment types of Garment Steamers

Based on the advice of professionals on how to choose a garment steamer, you should start by determining the type of machine. There are several of them.


These are small devices that resemble a kettle with a spout or a large, lint-free clothes brush. The dimensions of the apparatus do not allow equipping it with a capacious water reservoir and a powerful heating element. But if necessary, it can easily fit in a travel bag.

Advantages of hand-held devices:

Lightweight and compact.

Convenience in work. The hand does not get tired, it is easy to reach the upper edge of the curtains, for example.

The price is lower than that of floor models.

There are standalone devices powered by rechargeable batteries or batteries.


The main disadvantage of compact units is low power. They are not able to smooth out heavily wrinkled clothing or thick materials.

Their reservoir is small, so water has to be topped up frequently.

The steam flow rate is low.

The working cycle is short, lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.