Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

     The best iron for everyone. Someone is interested in the price, for someone technical and operational characteristics, reliability, perhaps the prestige of the brand. One way or another, the purpose of creating our rating of the best irons was to save you from a long search and provide the most complete list of worthy models with their subdivision into current categories. But the final choice is always individual. And may it be truly successful!


Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron


Feature of Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

  • 1800 WATTS OF POWER TO CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE – Iron out the wrinkles and refresh not only any type of clothing
  • POWERFUL BURST OF STEAM (210G) – Smothes out even the worst wrinkles on thick garments such as suits or curtains with up to 30%
  • 400 STEAMHOLES AND STAINLESS STEEL SOLEPLATE – Even steam distribution and smooth gliding across different garments for years to come.
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST WITH ROWENTA – To prevent any sort of accident
  • EASY TO USE- LED ready indicator; smart steam motion sensor; 3-way auto safety shut-of

Which steam iron is better to buy

For ironing heavy fabrics, it is preferable to choose an iron with a powerful heater and abundant steam in the shock mode (at least 100-110 g / min). For home use, a 1700-2500 W device is enough, if there is a lot of ironing, and the wiring in the house is good, you can take a closer look at models from 2500 W and above.

Irons are considered universal if they have forced and automatic steam supply, as well as a vertical steaming function. The anti-drip system prevents water stains if the iron is not heated up enough.

The auto shut-off feature is incredibly useful for those who often forget the iron when plugged in. A device that stands in one position for a long time or falls on its side is immediately turned off. Modern models stop working in the absence of contact with the hand or in a horizontal position without movement.

It is convenient to use a device with a wire longer than 1.8-2 meters. A swivel mount and 360-degree cord rotation are preferred. Cordless irons are ideal in this regard.

Over time, the amount of steam produced can decrease due to plaque build-up. An anti-scale filter eliminates this problem, but its absence will very quickly lead to a decrease in steam generation, which will affect the quality of ironing. Also, without it, over time, white crumbs and limescale spots may appear on the fabric.