PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer

Unwrinkled clothes simply improve your look, whether you’re trying to attract someone or score a job, but getting perfectly pressed clothes takes time and effort.Here is one of the Best Garment Steamers.


PurSteam Garment Steamer


Features of PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer

  • Premium Quality Components
  • Fast & Effective Wrinkle Remover
  • Large Capacity- 61 oz. tank heats up in 45 to 60 seconds and provides up to 60 minutes of continuous steam.
  • Stop Ironing – Up to 248 °F steam penetrates deep and softens fibers, handles delicate to heavy fabrics, releases wrinkles faster than ironing and freshens clothes killing up to 99.9% of germs without using harsh chemicals.
  • This steamer is suitable for all fabrics. Continuous steam softens and straightens wrinkles on clothing.
  • Easily hold garments in place when steaming with the multifunctional hanger with garment clips, also includes fabric brush to brush away wrinkles.

PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer Review

Starting off with the best overall clothes steamer we have the PurSteam PS-910 Fabric Steamer. The PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer accomplishes two vital tasks with perfection: It removes wrinkles and makes steaming easier plus it comes with a warranty. While it’s not a professional unit, it can handle a family’s worth of clothes with the 61-ounce tank that heats up in just under a minute and provides 60 minutes of stable steam. The design is part of what makes this steamer so appealing. It has a handy, adjustable hanger that is expandable from 15 to 17 or 19 inches. That means no more holding up your clothes or searching for a hook just to steam. It also has clips to help hold other fabrics, such as small children’s clothing, pillowcases, and more in place.

The hanger is collapsible and the top hanger part can be replaced with a brush hook which makes for easy storage. It comes with a convenient handheld steam board to de-wrinkle collars, pockets, and sleeves, that also doubles as a crease attachment to supply a more polished, or what one might call dry-cleaned look that gives structure to collars, sleeves, plackets, hems, and other clothing areas where a completely steamed, flat finish would just appear odd. It can handle delicate to heavy materials, as it provides steam up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit that penetrates deep and relaxes fibers. The high temperature means it works faster than ironing and allows it to freshens clothes killing up to 99.9% of germs.

Finally, the cost is really reasonable, especially compared to other standing steam steamers. The PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer is featured in Parents Need, where the author notes it can even disinfect your carpet. It’s listed in Smart Home Guide and Best Advisor, too. The PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer features a 4- out of 5-star average rating Many reviewers comment on the quality of the product, and its many uses, such as this reviewer. Others like all the features it comes with such as this reviewer who enjoys the steam board and this reviewer who says that the accessories are wonderful.The critical reviews mostly center around the product not having a consistent flow stream, but it’s worth noting that on every critical review.