PurSteam Garment Steamer For Clothes, Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer

Are you ready to make your purchase? Almost, but not yet. Before proceeding, we recommend that you evaluate these last important criteria. They are essential and you shouldn’t ignore them if you want to make a purchase that you won’t regret. Here’s what they are:

PurSteam Garment Steamer For Clothes, Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer

Feature of PurSteam Garment Steamer For Clothes, Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer

  • Imported
  • Fast & Effective Wrinkle Remover
  • NEW PREMIUM COMPONENTS – New for the 2020 model. Others may look the same on the outside, but our aluminum heating ball is superior in quality to many other heating elements on the market. ABS/PP. Most others just use ABS, which is much less durable.

How to use a steam iron

Steam irons have good performance, clothes will not be damaged when ironed, and can easily produce satisfactory results. Therefore, steam irons are popular among consumers. But the problem is that many consumers do not know how to use a steam iron after they buy it. Let me share with you how to use a steam iron.


  • How to use a steam iron? The correct method of using a steam iron is as follows:Steam irons should first ground the yellow and green wires in the power core wire. This is to prevent the danger caused by leakage.It is best to add boiling water to the steam iron. Lift the front end to make the water filling port upward, and slowly pour the boiled water from the water filling port with a measuring cup. The volume of the iron reservoir determines how much water is added.
  • For electric irons equipped with a water level glass, the iron can be erected to observe the water level in the water reservoir and add water as needed.
  • On the fabric indicator of the steam iron, the label of the fabric name is basically the same as that of the temperature-regulating electric iron. The difference is that an additional “steam” mark is added.
  • Turn on the electric iron, turn the temperature control knob to the position between “wool” and “linen”, the indicator light should glow. When the indicator light goes out, it means that the temperature of the iron soleplate has reached the required value. If water has been added to the iron, steam should be sprayed out, “ironing can be carried out.”
  • The steam iron can dry-iron the fabric, but it is necessary to judge the type of fabric to be ironed, then adjust the temperature control knob, and finally select the appropriate soleplate temperature. After ironing, adjust the steam knob to the “0” position.
  • After use, the remaining water in the water reservoir should be poured out from the water filling port. When pouring, the front end of the iron should be facing down, and the electric trade bucket should be shaken at the same time to pour out the water. Then turn the temperature knob to the highest temperature level, and power on for a few minutes to evaporate all the internal moisture. Then cut off the power, turn the temperature control knob back to the lowest temperature range, and store it after natural cooling.

How to use the steam iron?

In our daily life, it is indispensable to need our life helper-an electric iron. He can iron out wrinkled clothes. With his help, he will never worry about wrinkling clothes. Let’s follow the editor to take a look at how to use the steam iron!


Electric iron

Measuring cup


  • Open the iron support (make sure the support is stable), put the electric iron on the support, pull the steam to the position as shown in the figure, and close the steam hole;
  • Hold the iron and tilt it up 45 degrees to prevent water from flowing out when filling water. Fill the water filling port with a measuring cup to the maximum water level MAX marked on the iron;
  • Turn the temperature control knob to the “off” position, place the iron vertically, plug in the power supply, turn the temperature control knob to the proper position of the clothes ironed, the indicator light will be on, which means the iron is heating, about 3 In about minutes, the indicator light will go out;
  • When the indicator light turns on again, start ironing, you can pull the steam to the position where you need the steam, and adjust the amount of steam freely; if you need super strong steam, turn off the steam first, and then adjust the temperature Turn the knob to the highest gear, after the indicator light goes out, press the super steam button to spray;
  • After ironing the clothes, turn the temperature control knob to off, unplug the power plug, and pour out the remaining water in the iron;
  • Place the iron in a vertical position and put it away after the iron cools down;


The water injected into the iron is best to use drinking water that has been cooled after boiling. The calcium content is relatively low and will not cause scale inside the iron;

Unplug the power plug when filling or pouring water into the iron to avoid accidents;

Do not leave while ironing clothes;