PurSteam -2020 Official Partner of Fashion-Full Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments

What is the right way to use a garment steamer? First, you need to prepare the device for operation, having read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Let’s look at this process using the feature of garment steamer.

PurSteam -2020 Official Partner of Fashion-Full Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments

Feature of PurSteam -2020 Official Partner of Fashion-Full Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments

  • WHY IS THIS THE ULTIMATE STEAMER IN THE USA: We designed it to be the absolutely most powerful and continuous superheated steamer available producing up to 30% more steam flow as compared in testing to other steamers some of which cost 2x the price and more.
  • USER-FRIENDLY STEAMING: 4 level steam adjustment controls high-pressured steam for an easy, effective, and efficient steaming experience along with its woven hose, deluxe clothes hangar and fabric brush, steaming has never been simpler.
  • BURN PREVENTION SAFETY CAP: Prevents opening the water tank when there is hot steam or water inside that can cause skin burns.

Ironing material, hose and wire length

The iron of the device can be plastic or metal. The steel element is preferred. It is strong, durable, comfortable and ergonomic. In such irons, the heating option is activated, which makes the device more efficient.

The hose at the steamer must be long enough for comfortable operation. The optimal parameter is 2 m.

When the electric wire of the steamer is short, an extension cord must be used. To avoid such a problem, you should choose a device with a cord of at least 1.5 m. The automatic wire winding function is convenient.

An important point of Steamer

The steamers from the second subgroup already have a higher power, which is why their efficiency is much higher.

Powerful steam flow, control is already on the handle, which is more convenient. The metal iron in some models has an additional heating function. The large tank has the ability to add water. Another advantage of these devices is several modes that allow you to decrease and increase the power. This feature comes in handy if you have hot air sensitive fabrics in your wardrobe.

The third type includes steamers and steam cleaners . These are devices that combine two devices at once – a steamer and a steam cleaner. If you need sterile cleaning at home, you cannot do without this “machine”. The hot steam helps the bacteria disappear and various contaminants are removed.

With such a steamer, you can even clean off grease that is stuck on the surfaces of the stove, mirror, in the oven, and wash the tile floor with a steam mop. The option is relevant especially in those families where there are children.

The fourth type is already professional devices , which are usually installed in shops, in a wardrobe theater, in clothing stores and other similar places. But, if desired, they can be installed at home.

Steamers of this type are distinguished by their high power, which allows them to work for a significant amount of time without interruption. The tank has a large volume, there are some functional parts for professional use, for example, a convenient frame hanger.