Prosteam Travel Garment/Clothes/Fabric Steamer, Hand Held, Lightweight and Portable, Perfect for Travel

All irons allow you to adjust the temperature, with greater or lesser precision. Traditional models have some sort of wheel, so you can choose from several options, usually three. If you want a more advanced model, opt for one that has a digital display that gives you more comprehensive information.

Another aspect linked to the temperature is the anti-drip system, which is used to prevent the iron from dripping in any position. Most irons have it now, but it is especially useful when the temperature is very low. This requirement is met by some models and prevents the iron from dripping by wetting clothes too much or staining some fabrics.

Prosteam Travel Garment/Clothes/Fabric Steamer, Hand Held, Lightweight and Portable, Perfect for Travel

Feature of Prosteam Travel Garment/Clothes/Fabric Steamer, Hand Held, Lightweight and Portable, Perfect for Travel

  • EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY – Equipped with a powerful 900 watt heating element that efficiently sterilizes, cleans and irons your clothes, linens and curtains. Absolutely no ironing necessary. High temperature steamer is ready to use in less than 60 seconds to save you time and effort while producing amazing results.
  • ADVANCED SAFETY DESIGN – The remarkable design of this clothes steamer prevents tipping and spillage, ensuring your cleanup is quick and easy. The unique nozzle design prevents water spray while providing maximum steam distribution. The tank has a capacity of 6 fl oz and will auto cut-off when it is empty.
  • SIMPLICITY AT ITS BEST – Don’t stress or complicate removing wrinkles from your clothing. This steamer can handle your ironing needs with no trouble. Not only does it leave clothing or fabrics wrinkle-free, it also neutralizes unpleasant odors.

When does steaming fail to produce the desired effect?

Despite the much-publicized efficiency and comfort of ironing, the result may not be as good as expected. Even if you follow the instructions fully and understand how to use a handheld garment steamer. Unfortunately, this is the case, if you do not consider the following:

Dense and heavy fabrics can give an unsatisfactory result due to the properties of the material itself (you need to try in each case).

The steamer cannot remove stains.

Not intended for disinfection.

Not intended for flat work.

A stationary device may have a height limitation of the working area.

Even the most “sophisticated” steamer is not able to completely replace the iron.

How to use the steam iron?

In our daily life, it is indispensable to need our life helper-an electric iron. He can iron out wrinkled clothes. With his help, he will never worry about wrinkling clothes. Let’s follow the editor to take a look at how to use the steam iron!


Electric iron

Measuring cup


  • Open the iron support (make sure the support is stable), put the electric iron on the support, pull the steam to the position as shown in the figure, and close the steam hole;
  • Hold the iron and tilt it up 45 degrees to prevent water from flowing out when filling water. Fill the water filling port with a measuring cup to the maximum water level MAX marked on the iron;
  • Turn the temperature control knob to the “off” position, place the iron vertically, plug in the power supply, turn the temperature control knob to the proper position of the clothes ironed, the indicator light will be on, which means the iron is heating, about 3 In about minutes, the indicator light will go out;
  • When the indicator light turns on again, start ironing, you can pull the steam to the position where you need the steam, and adjust the amount of steam freely; if you need super strong steam, turn off the steam first, and then adjust the temperature Turn the knob to the highest gear, after the indicator light goes out, press the super steam button to spray;
  • After ironing the clothes, turn the temperature control knob to off, unplug the power plug, and pour out the remaining water in the iron;
  • Place the iron in a vertical position and put it away after the iron cools down;


The water injected into the iron is best to use drinking water that has been cooled after boiling. The calcium content is relatively low and will not cause scale inside the iron;

Unplug the power plug when filling or pouring water into the iron to avoid accidents;

Do not leave while ironing clothes;