Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes with Rapid

The iron is an irreplaceable household appliance. It is needed not only by housewives, but also by students, bachelors and other people who want to always look neat. In order for the technique to do its job well, it is important to choose a high-quality iron that will meet all the requirements and cost a reasonable price. Given the range of products available on the market, the purchase can take a long time. But our TOP of the best irons for home will help to simplify the task by finding the optimal device for your needs.

Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron

Feature of Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes with Rapid

•ULTRA-PRESS STAINLESS STEEL SOLEPLATE – Thick chromium finish soleplate for durability, scratch resistance and unparalleled glide
•EASY THERMOSTAT CONTROL & AXIAL STEAM HOLES – Based on fabric type, you can easily select the ideal steam output and keep the temperature how you like it.
•CUT YOUR IRONING TIME IN HALF – With our Rapid Even Heat Technology and 1700-Watts of Power you can easily glide across various garments and smooth hard-to-reach areas.
•SAFETY FEATURES – Keeping you safe at all times with our automatic 3-way shut off system

What to look for when choosing an iron

•Outsole . Aluminum, stainless steel, teflon, ceramics and cermets. If the budget allows, then it is better to prefer the latter options.
•Steam supply . First of all, performance is important, measured in grams. Typically, 100-150 g / min is sufficient for any type of fabric.
•Steaming . Horizontal – steam supply during operation. The vertical one allows you to smooth clothes even on a hanger.
•Steam generator . The presence of a separate block with a large boiler, where steam is generated. This is not too necessary in a domestic environment.
•Power . The higher it is, the faster heating and steam generation occurs, and ironing takes less time.
•Cable length . In modern models, it varies from 80 cm to 4 m. A cord with a size of 1.9-2.5 meters will be optimal for home use.
•Security . Automatic function or the ability to remotely turn off the running iron. Useful if you are in a hurry to leave the house.
•Drop-stop system . No steam is generated at low ironing temperatures. Therefore, it is important that water cannot seep through the holes in the sole.