Printasaurus Ironing Pad  Wool Pressing Mat Ironing Pad High Temperature Ironing Board

The process of ironing linen, which every housewife faces, is quite tedious and time consuming in itself. If the board is not comfortable, or the cover on it is made of poor quality fabric, then the ironing process becomes even more difficult. For the laundry to be ironed well and not be damaged during ironing, you need to use a cover for the ironing board. In this article we will talk about the types of ironing board covers

Printasaurus Ironing Pad  Wool Pressing Mat Ironing Pad High Temperature Ironing Board

Feature of Printasaurus Ironing Pad  Wool Pressing Mat Ironing Pad High Temperature Ironing Board

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Types of ironing board covers

There are several coating options for boards of different price categories, quality and texture. How to choose the right cover so that it can be changed as it wears out and how to choose a high-quality coating option so that it will serve for many years? Remember: Cotton fabric covers are the most inexpensive and available for a wide range of consumers. These are high-quality coatings that are easy to change, wash by hand or in a washing machine. Natural fabrics are resistant to high temperatures, breathable and permeable. Products with loose weaving wear out quickly, and cotton, coarse calico and flax can serve for a long time. A pad of soft foam or felt will improve the ironing quality. Slightly more expensive covers made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester. They are waterproof and durable, but not heat resistant. At high temperatures, the soleplate of the iron can stick to the cover and burn a hole in it. Products with metallic threads (50% cotton and 50% metal) have excellent heat reflecting characteristics. When a hot iron interacts with metal, the fabric heats up on both sides, which improves the quality of ironing. Such a coating has a high degree of heat resistance, so an iron, forgotten on the board, can stand for about four hours without burning. The silicone-impregnated cotton coating will help prevent things from burning and yellow streaks on light-colored fabrics. These covers provide a double ironing process. With the cover, which has a Teflon coating, you can forget about the temperature conditions of the iron, since it allows you to iron any kind of fabric. Fire resistant covers are new to the market. They will not lead to a fire hazard, even if a hot iron is left on them for a long time. Such a coating does not need to be washed, since it will be enough to simply wipe it with a damp sponge.

How to sheathe an ironing board?

To get started, you need to decide on the materials and tools.

For constriction, a dense cotton fabric without coloring or with a print resistant to color loss is suitable. Check for shedding when ironing on a damp cloth. For the backing, you can use soft nonwovens, foam, or even a piece of an old flannel blanket. It will be great if the colors of the future cover will be in harmony with the interior of the house. Even when doing everyday household chores, it is pleasant to surround yourself with beauty. It cheers you up and sets you in a positive mood.

A set of tools that you will need:

  • material for the top layer,
  • backing material,
  • scissors,
  • tailor’s centimeter or long ruler,
  • furniture stapler,
  • chalk, soap or a special tailor’s pencil,
  • miniature round nose pliers.