PERFECTDAY Garment Steamer Portable Handheld Steamer Mini Travel Steamer

       On long trips and travels, you also want your clothes to be ironed and neat.A travel mini iron can help with this, which does not take up much space in your luggage.It does not require versatility, but size, weight and efficiency are important.Many such products have appeared on market. When choosing a travel iron, the rating of the best models will help you choose the best option.

PERFECTDAY Garment Steamer Mini Travel Steamer

Feature of PERFECTDAY Garment Steamer Mini Travel Steamer

  • PREMIUM QUALITY, BUILT TO LAST: Unquestionable performance! Powered by 800 W with steam flow 18 g per min that soften the fabric and remove wrinkles
  • COMPACT DESIGN, TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Forget about bulk and heavy steaming system! Get our portable fabric steamer device and enjoy the hassle-free traveling.
  • SUITS FOR ALL TYPES OF FABRIC: Everything you need to iron every piece of fabric at home or travel.

How to choose a travel iron?

When choosing a travel iron, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Dimensions and weight . Travel devices are usually placed calmly on an open palm. In extreme cases, they go beyond it by 2-3 cm.Their weight is in the range of 500-800 g.
  • Power . For road models, it does not exceed 1.8 kW. For effective smoothing, it is advisable to have an iron with a power of at least 1 kW.
  • Outsole . It can have a special coating (double sole) or be made of metal, but with a removable pad for delicate ironing. Budget irons have an aluminum sole or Teflon coating. Stainless steel is often used, but it adds weight to the structure. The highest quality soles have a ceramic, sapphire or cermet coating.
  • Modes and management . Good devices have a temperature and power control system. Usually there are 3 standard modes: delicate ironing (silk, synthetics); mixed fabrics and wool; linen and cotton fabrics.
  • Steam . Steam is considered an important function. It can be supplied continuously or by steam boost. To create steam, water containers with a volume of 30-70 ml are installed.

In travel irons, the handle design plays an important role. It should be strong and comfortable, but not greatly increase the size and weight of the entire device. Preference is given to a foldable design, high-strength materials and rubberized inserts.