Monland Ironing Board Cover Heat Resistant Replacement Iron Pad Cover

Before buying, measure the working surface of the ironing board, measure the width and length of the base. If the size of your board is 120 * 38 cm (the most common standard), then in addition to the exact size, a cover of 125 * 40 cm is also suitable for you. Pay attention to the nose of the ironing board, it can be blunt, sharp or conical. Check with the sellers if this or that coating is suitable for your board, not all manufacturers rely on non-standard boards.

Monland Ironing Board Cover Heat Resistant Replacement Iron Pad Cover

Feature of Monland Ironing Board Cover Heat Resistant Replacement Iron Pad Cover

  • A great gift for your friend and family.
  • Bringing fun and joy during ironing work.
  • Made of high quality material for lasting use.

Ironing board cover – choose an accessory

The ironing board is an assistant in the care of clothes in every home. However, it is necessary to take care of her “clothes”. In order for the laundry to be ironed and not damaged during ironing, you need to monitor the cleanliness and degree of wear of the ironing board cover. How to choose a cover so that it lasts a long time and efficiently, and is it possible to do it yourself.

Ironing board cover functions

Ironing board cover is not just a beautiful accessory, but an irreplaceable assistant in the ironing process, performing the following functions:

protection of the board surface from dirt and wear;

protection of linen from exposure to high temperatures and the appearance of stains from the iron;

facilitated process of steaming and ironing things;

a beautiful decorative element that pleases the eye.

How to sheathe an ironing board?

To get started, you need to decide on the materials and tools.

For constriction, a dense cotton fabric without coloring or with a print resistant to color loss is suitable. Check for shedding when ironing on a damp cloth. For the backing, you can use soft nonwovens, foam, or even a piece of an old flannel blanket. It will be great if the colors of the future cover will be in harmony with the interior of the house. Even when doing everyday household chores, it is pleasant to surround yourself with beauty. It cheers you up and sets you in a positive mood.

A set of tools that you will need:

  • material for the top layer,
  • backing material,
  • scissors,
  • tailor’s centimeter or long ruler,
  • furniture stapler,
  • chalk, soap or a special tailor’s pencil,
  • miniature round nose pliers.