MLMLANT Clothes Steamer, 1500W Handheld Travel Steamer, 15s Fast Heat up, Portable Steamer

If you want your iron to last, opt for a self-cleaning model. It is a system that expels the air through the steam holes and serves to clean the ducts. Helps eliminate limescale and prevents clogging of this important area of ​​iron. When this happens, it greatly affects the quality of the ironing.

On the other hand, if you are going to use tap water for ironing, you should also have a descaling system. So the amount of limescale that accumulates in the pipes will be less. Some models have very advanced functions related to this aspect and are particularly recommended in areas where the water is particularly hard.

MLMLANT Clothes Steamer, 1500W Handheld Travel Steamer, 15s Fast Heat up, Portable Steamer

Feature of MLMLANT Clothes Steamer, 1500W Handheld Travel Steamer, 15s Fast Heat up, Portable Steamer

  • Versatile: Clothes steamer includes four (4) removable attachments, allowing for the steamer to be conveniently used for all your steaming needs. Includes the following attachments:sweater brush, wool brush, Line clip, Ironing plate.
  • Compact and Portable: MLMLANT Clothes Steamer is perfect for home or travel; being compact in size and fits perfectly into a suitcase for use while traveling and can also be compactly stored away for convenient accessibility when needed. Includes a travel bag.
  • Easy to Use and Convenient: Steamer is extremely easy to use and to get your clothing, bedding, drapery, etc. to have that crisp and polished look. Removes tough wrinkles while being gentle on the fabric. Garment Steamer a removable 3 oz. water that slides easily into the steamer, and includes a convenient measuring cup for easy fill-up. Provides 5-minutes of continuous steam time; and features a 7-foot power cord for allowing to steam safely and easily all garment parts.

How to use a steam iron—Introduction to how to use a steam iron

We often see steam irons in clothing stores. Now everyone likes high-quality life and cares about clothes. Therefore, steam irons are favored by more and more people. How to use a steam iron, the editor below will give you a specific introduction.

Steam iron

When using a steam iron for the first time, you should first read the instruction manual of the steam iron carefully. The instructions on the manual are more detailed and enough for you to understand. It depends on whether the steam iron is domestic or imported. Foreign steam irons have requirements for voltage. Pay attention to whether the voltage of the steam iron matches. After reading the manual, when starting to use the steam iron, you should first ground the yellow and green two-color wires in the iron’s power cord. The purpose of this is to prevent leakage of electricity, which may cause electric shock and endanger human health.

Plug in the power, turn off the steam button first, and then put the steam iron upright and add water with a measuring cup. The volume of the iron’s water reservoir determines how much water is added. If you want to better maintain the steam iron, it is best to add softened water after boiling and cooling to prevent scale. If the steam iron is equipped with a water level glass, you can observe the water level in the water reservoir and add water as needed. There is a steam mark on the steam iron fabric indicator. The electric iron is turned on, and the temperature control knob is screwed to the position between the wool and linen stalls, and the indicator light will light up. When the indicator light goes out, it means that the temperature of the iron soleplate has reached the required value. If water has been added to the iron and steam is emitted, the iron can be ironed.

The steam iron can dry the fabric, but you must accurately determine the type of fabric to be ironed, and then adjust the temperature control knob to reach the most suitable soleplate temperature, and then you can start ironing the fabric. After ironing, adjust the steam knob Just go to the 0 position. After ironing, turn off the steam iron button first, then pour out all the residual water in the iron, then turn the temperature knob to the highest level to power on and heat, wait for the internal moisture to evaporate, then turn off the power, and then set the temperature knob back The lowest gear, after the iron cools down, pack it and store it in a dry place. After using the steam iron for a period of time, if white powder appears in the air vents under the soleplate of the steam iron, you can mix half of white vinegar and water into the water tank of the steam iron, heat it for about ten minutes, and gently shake the iron for careful cleaning. Then pour out the water and vinegar solution on each part, and then wash it several times with water before ironing.

How to use electric iron at home

Many families have their own electric irons so that they can be used to iron the clothes after they are washed and dried to make the clothes flat. So how to use it in daily life?


Before powering on, check whether the protective layer of the wire is intact and whether it is damaged to prevent leakage.

If it is an old-fashioned electric iron, it does not have a water inlet. Therefore, when ironing clothes, you need to moisten the cloth with water or spread a damp cloth to prevent the cloth from being damaged.

Steam irons need water, and preferably boiled water or purified water without impurities. If it is general tap water, impurities inside may block the vents and affect the effect. In the process of adding water, pay attention to the amount of water, not too little, it is easy to evaporate in a short time. Be careful when pouring water into the water inlet. Do not spill water on other parts of the iron to avoid electric shock.

According to the material you want to iron, select the corresponding temperature range, and then start heating. Do not pay attention to this step, otherwise the clothes may be scalded or burned.

During the heating process of the electric iron and during the intermittent ironing, the iron should be placed upright and cannot be placed aside, as it is easy to burn out the items directly in contact with the iron.

After the steam iron is used up, if there is any remaining water, either pour it out or continue to energize it until the water is boiled out. If the water is not evaporated, the water may leak out by itself, adhere to the bottom plate, and leave water stains, which is not good for the maintenance of the machine.