Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

It is difficult to know a high-quality best ironing boards by looking at a picture. You need to know the parameters, technical characteristics and material from which the device is made. The ironer, at first glance, is an easy-to-use thing and there is nothing to choose from. But when choosing, buyers are surprised at what a large assortment the trade offers.

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

Feature of Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

  • Ironing Surface 48 x 15 inches
  • Designed for comfort, speed & performance
  • Stable low level steam generator rest
  • Naturally comfortable ironing rest position
  • Heat reflective Prozone cover
  • Stable and strong loop legs

Ironing board selection criteria
It would seem that choosing a good ironing board for the home will not be difficult – the design is simple, there are not many elements, respectively, and nuances. But every year they are being improved and there are many features that can greatly facilitate operation.

Countertop material
The materials from which the countertops are made:

Pressed plates

Many buyers are interested in which wooden ironing boards are better, but it should be understood that worktops from real solid wood have not been produced for a long time, but pressed wood (chipboard, MDF) is used. The material is durable (thickness from 16 mm), which has a positive effect on the structure, but significantly increases its weight. Pressed materials become saturated with moisture over time and can swell, delaminate, regardless of the quality and thickness of the substrate.

Very lightweight, but not particularly durable. When choosing, pay attention to use heat-resistant plastic, and not ordinary – deformation from heating is excluded. Some manufacturers use plastic with heat reflecting properties – ideal for improving ironing quality, but significantly increases the cost of the model.

Metal countertops are made from a single sheet or mesh. Most often the surfaces are made of aluminum or steel. Steel is a tough material, but heavy and corrosive due to regular contact with moisture. Aluminum is lighter, does not rust, but is subject to deformation, therefore, it requires careful handling.
Manufacturers often indicate that the perforated monoblock ironing board top is plastic or metal with holes to drain moisture that collects in the upholstery.

The choice of the size of the work surface depends on the frequency of use of the board, the type and size of the laundry you plan to iron. According to user reviews, the length of the surface is not critical, one meter is enough, and it is better to choose a larger width. The wide one is more comfortable to iron, so try to choose an ironing board that is at least 40 cm wide.