Mini Handheld Clothing Steamer for Garment

Household appliances stores offer models of irons with a variety of functions and capabilities, the price range of electrical appliances – from economy to premium. How not to get confused in the assortment and make the right choice? In addition, we have provided practical guidelines for assessing key parameters and performance characteristics of the best handheld steamer.


Mini Handheld Clothing Steamer for Garment

Feature of Mini Handheld Clothing Steamer for Garment

  • ANTISPILL STEAMER – Garment Steamer Pump System produce fast Dry Steam.
  • FAST & SAFE – 950W Iron Steamer preheats in 25S for up to 12Min continuous steaming. Cooling Touch System prevents Handle from heat up.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE – Portable Steamer has original one-touch removable Water Tank.

What is a steam generator?

It is correct to call these devices an iron with a steam generator, because in fact the structure consists of 2 independent parts – an iron that is connected to a steam generator (boiler). Steam generated in the boiler is supplied under high pressure through a special tube to the soleplate of the connected iron. The intensity of the steam supply can be adjusted.
What are the advantages of a steam station?
# The iron itself has smaller dimensions and weight here due to the absence of a water container. The water tank is located in the steam generator, and its volume is much larger than in conventional irons (on average 1.5 liters, while in irons it is 300 ml).
# The steam station is more efficient than the iron. It produces high-temperature steam and feeds it into the iron under pressure (in a conventional iron this function is called “steam boost”, in steam generators this is a normal mode of operation).
When buying, pay attention to the steam flow rate, boiler operating pressure, water heating time and tank volume.
# The sole of the iron in such a device heats up very little – there is no risk of tan marks or shiny smoothed stripes on the fabric.
# Price. The biggest reason for choosing an iron over an ironing system.
# Dimensions and weight. Requires both storage space and more space to place on a board or table while ironing.
# Quite noisy when working.
# Some models require consumables such as water cartridges.