Maibet Portable Garment Steamer, Mini Handheld Fabric Steamers Fast-Heating Powerful Clothes Steamer for Travel

Travel iron. Usually this is a smaller than normal horizontal iron, although as we have seen it can also be vertical. Its power is usually lower than other models, but it is lighter and easier to handle.

Maibet Portable Garment Steamer, Mini Handheld Fabric Steamers Fast-Heating Powerful Clothes Steamer for Travel

Feature of Maibet Portable Garment Steamer, Mini Handheld Fabric Steamers Fast-Heating Powerful Clothes Steamer for Travel

  • Fast heating – ultra-fast heating in 40 seconds, new nozzle design
  • Portable steamer – 120ml water tank, mini, lightweight, compact and comfortable design
  • Safe design – high-impact plastic outer housing with abs fire-resistant material for durability

Principle of Steamer operation

The operation of any steamer is based on the principle of heating water to a boiling state and supplying the resulting steam outward using small nozzles located on the plane of the evaporator. Steam can be supplied by “gravity”, as a result of overpressure, or using a special pump. In the latter case, the performance of the device increases dramatically.

how steamer works

The device works on the principle of steam supply by boiling water.

The flattening of the garment takes place through physical processes similar to those that occur when ironing with a conventional iron. However, the steam effect allows for a more uniform heating of the fabric fibers, especially in heavily crumpled or hard-to-reach places. Therefore, with a proper understanding of how to steam things, you can quickly tidy up clothes of even the most complex cut.

smoothing out hard-to-reach places

Thanks to the steam effect, even hard-to-reach places can be straightened.

Types of household steamers

Despite the abundance of sold models and manufacturing companies, there are only two main types of household steamers:

Handheld or portable

Its main advantage is the price. Usually these are small compact devices, travel format, allowing you to quickly put clothes in order. Due to their design features, they are unsuitable for long-term use, since they provide a low intensity of steam supply. Sometimes they are found in the performance of “electric kettle”, which really allows you to use the device exclusively for this purpose.

Hand steamer

The handheld steamer is a small, compact device.

Stationary or vertical

More powerful and more efficient devices. They are distinguished by the presence of a steam supply hose, which makes them suitable for ironing a wide variety of products. Since the floor standing steamer can be used for up to half an hour, it is especially effective when ironing large items such as curtains or suits. Also, the delivery set necessarily includes a vertical rack with a hanger, designed for convenient placement of outerwear.

stationary steamer

The set of the stationary steamer includes a hose and a rack for ironing things.

Additional Information! In pursuit of a buyer, many manufacturers provide their devices with various specific functions.

additional steamer functions

Some steamers have additional features.

For example, Phillips is known for the ability to carry out antibacterial treatment, Tefal is known for its very good ergonomics and quick preparation for work, and Domena devices allow water to be added during operation.

How to use the steam iron?

In our daily life, it is indispensable to need our life helper-an electric iron. He can iron out wrinkled clothes. With his help, he will never worry about wrinkling clothes. Let’s follow the editor to take a look at how to use the steam iron!


Electric iron

Measuring cup


  • Open the iron support (make sure the support is stable), put the electric iron on the support, pull the steam to the position as shown in the figure, and close the steam hole;
  • Hold the iron and tilt it up 45 degrees to prevent water from flowing out when filling water. Fill the water filling port with a measuring cup to the maximum water level MAX marked on the iron;
  • Turn the temperature control knob to the “off” position, place the iron vertically, plug in the power supply, turn the temperature control knob to the proper position of the clothes ironed, the indicator light will be on, which means the iron is heating, about 3 In about minutes, the indicator light will go out;
  • When the indicator light turns on again, start ironing, you can pull the steam to the position where you need the steam, and adjust the amount of steam freely; if you need super strong steam, turn off the steam first, and then adjust the temperature Turn the knob to the highest gear, after the indicator light goes out, press the super steam button to spray;
  • After ironing the clothes, turn the temperature control knob to off, unplug the power plug, and pour out the remaining water in the iron;
  • Place the iron in a vertical position and put it away after the iron cools down;


The water injected into the iron is best to use drinking water that has been cooled after boiling. The calcium content is relatively low and will not cause scale inside the iron;

Unplug the power plug when filling or pouring water into the iron to avoid accidents;

Do not leave while ironing clothes;