M-MASTER Steamer for Clothes Steamer Vertically and Horizontally Ironing,Portable Handheld Steam Iron Mini Travel Steamer

If you want your iron to last, opt for a self-cleaning model. It is a system that expels the air through the steam holes and serves to clean the ducts. Helps eliminate limescale and prevents clogging of this important area of ​​iron. When this happens, it greatly affects the quality of the ironing.

On the other hand, if you are going to use tap water for ironing, you should also have a descaling system. So the amount of limescale that accumulates in the pipes will be less. Some models have very advanced functions related to this aspect and are particularly recommended in areas where the water is particularly hard.

M-MASTER Steamer for Clothes Steamer Vertically and Horizontally Ironing,Portable Handheld Steam Iron Mini Travel Steamer

Feature of M-MASTER Steamer for Clothes Steamer Vertically and Horizontally Ironing,Portable Handheld Steam Iron Mini Travel Steamer

  • POWERFUL & PORTABLE : Compared with the traditional clothing steamer, mini hand steamer is lightweight and portable. The water tank holds up to 4 fl oz/ 120ml of tap water, giving you up to 10 minutes to enjoy steaming even the most delicate fabrics.
  • MULTIFUNCTION:Applies to the latest anti-drop design of our portable steamer.360 ANTI-DROP TECHOLOGY making it work perfectly without sprinkling water in any direction or vertical or horizontal to eliminate wrinkles.This steamer will de-wrinkle and sanitize not only your clothes but curtains & drapery, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, toys and much more.
  • THE BEST TRAVEL PARTNER :The mini travel garment steamer is easy to pack into any luggage. It is not only portable, but also very space-saving. You no longer have to worry about the wrinkles of clothes when traveling. The powerful portable steamer gives you a perfect travel experience. It is the perfect holiday gift!

Storage and care Handheld Steamer

Here you should adhere to the general rules regarding the operation of household appliances: accuracy during work, perform operations strictly following the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer, do not use the device for other purposes.

rules for using the steamer

The device must be used according to certain rules.

Before steaming things, you need to make sure that the container for water does not leak, and that the water itself is free of impurities and does not contain mechanical particles. After work, it is recommended to dry the container each time, and also once or twice a year (depending on the water quality) to descale it. This is usually done with a citric acid solution.

How to use the steam iron?

In our daily life, it is indispensable to need our life helper-an electric iron. He can iron out wrinkled clothes. With his help, he will never worry about wrinkling clothes. Let’s follow the editor to take a look at how to use the steam iron!


Electric iron

Measuring cup


  • Open the iron support (make sure the support is stable), put the electric iron on the support, pull the steam to the position as shown in the figure, and close the steam hole;
  • Hold the iron and tilt it up 45 degrees to prevent water from flowing out when filling water. Fill the water filling port with a measuring cup to the maximum water level MAX marked on the iron;
  • Turn the temperature control knob to the “off” position, place the iron vertically, plug in the power supply, turn the temperature control knob to the proper position of the clothes ironed, the indicator light will be on, which means the iron is heating, about 3 In about minutes, the indicator light will go out;
  • When the indicator light turns on again, start ironing, you can pull the steam to the position where you need the steam, and adjust the amount of steam freely; if you need super strong steam, turn off the steam first, and then adjust the temperature Turn the knob to the highest gear, after the indicator light goes out, press the super steam button to spray;
  • After ironing the clothes, turn the temperature control knob to off, unplug the power plug, and pour out the remaining water in the iron;
  • Place the iron in a vertical position and put it away after the iron cools down;


The water injected into the iron is best to use drinking water that has been cooled after boiling. The calcium content is relatively low and will not cause scale inside the iron;

Unplug the power plug when filling or pouring water into the iron to avoid accidents;

Do not leave while ironing clothes;