Leifheit Thermo Reflect Glide Universal Ironing Board Cover Assorted

If you buy an ironing board with a wooden top, you can nail the cover. In this situation, it is recommended to buy another cover and wear it over the main one. Then, as it gets dirty, it can be removed and put in the wash.

Leifheit Thermo Reflect Glide Universal Ironing Board Cover Assorted

Feature of Leifheit Thermo Reflect Glide Universal Ironing Board Cover Assorted

  • Imported
  • Suitable for ironing boards up to a maximum Size of 55.12 x 17.72 inch
  • Reflects steam and heat for faster ironing

Types of ironing board covers

There are several coating options for boards of different price categories, quality and texture. How to choose the right cover so that it can be changed as it wears out and how to choose a high-quality coating option so that it will serve for many years? Remember: Cotton fabric covers are the most inexpensive and available for a wide range of consumers. These are high-quality coatings that are easy to change, wash by hand or in a washing machine. Natural fabrics are resistant to high temperatures, breathable and permeable. Products with loose weaving wear out quickly, and cotton, coarse calico and flax can serve for a long time. A pad of soft foam or felt will improve the ironing quality. Slightly more expensive covers made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester. They are waterproof and durable, but not heat resistant. At high temperatures, the soleplate of the iron can stick to the cover and burn a hole in it. Products with metallic threads (50% cotton and 50% metal) have excellent heat reflecting characteristics. When a hot iron interacts with metal, the fabric heats up on both sides, which improves the quality of ironing. Such a coating has a high degree of heat resistance, so an iron, forgotten on the board, can stand for about four hours without burning. The silicone-impregnated cotton coating will help prevent things from burning and yellow streaks on light-colored fabrics. These covers provide a double ironing process. With the cover, which has a Teflon coating, you can forget about the temperature conditions of the iron, since it allows you to iron any kind of fabric. Fire resistant covers are new to the market. They will not lead to a fire hazard, even if a hot iron is left on them for a long time. Such a coating does not need to be washed, since it will be enough to simply wipe it with a damp sponge.

How to choose and correctly change the ironing board cover?

Ironing clothes is a process that we face every day in everyday life. And this daily work would be even more time consuming without a quality ironing board.

To date, stores provide a large selection of this device. Choose what you want: it all depends on your financial capabilities and preferences.

The choice of boards is great and varied. The ironing board can be the most ordinary one – the same as our grandmothers and mothers used, or it can be fashionable, improved. Modern boards come with a fan, roller and other know-how. And they can also be built-in, folding or desktop.

But there is something that unites them all. Each ironing board needs a cover, which directly affects the quality of ironing. Usually the cover comes with the board, but sooner or later it becomes necessary to change it.

In this article we will tell you about the types of covers, draw your attention to the main criteria for choosing the right coating for the board.