Leifheit Thermo Reflect Glide Universal Ironing Board Cover Assorted

Modern ironing boards are convenient: they are lowered to the desired height, equipped with special covers and stands for irons and steam generators. If you choose the right model, you will not get tired during ironing and reduce the operating time.

Leifheit Thermo Reflect Glide Universal Ironing Board Cover Assorted

Feature of Leifheit Thermo Reflect Glide Universal Ironing Board Cover Assorted

  • Imported
  • Suitable for ironing boards up to a maximum Size of 55.12 x 17.72 inch
  • Reflects steam and heat for faster ironing

How to choose the right ironing board cover

Many modern women are interested in the question of how to choose a cover for an ironing board so that it is not only beautiful, but also functional. A good case will serve as a reliable protection for a wooden or metal surface from dust and dirt. They are made of dense fabric with a lining that improves their appearance and also makes ironing more convenient and comfortable. Each high-quality case should have a lining of at least 2 mm thick foam, felt or synthetic winterizer. It acts as an additional elastic shock absorber, making ironing easier. The mesh lining prevents visible stencils on the garment.

Standard covers have dimensions 132×48 or 124×45 cm. Such a cover should completely wrap the surface of the ironing board without wrinkling.

How to sheathe an ironing board

A convenient ironing board is a faithful helper in every household. Over time, its topcoat loses its freshness, becomes covered with spots and tan. In the online store of ironing equipment “Skladok Net.ru” you can buy a new board or buy a removable cover for the ironing board. How to sheathe an ironing board with your own hands, we will tell you in this article.
Preparation for restoration
The old casing should be carefully removed, keeping its shape. The easiest way to create a new pattern is to use it. Auxiliary materials can be used for the inside of the cover. Foam sheets, synthetic winterizer or batting with a thickness of up to 1 cm are suitable.In the absence of filler, a soft backing is cut out of obsolete blankets, woolen or flannel blankets, sewn in several layers. The shape of the backing should be exactly the same as the inner spacer removed from the board. For better adhesion to the board, add 5-6 cm at the edges of the product.