Jiffy Steamer Proline Commerical Wig Steamer J4000W

Technical inventions make life more comfortable, as evidenced by the appearance of garment steamers in the household goods market. Due to its versatility and reliability, the device has become widely known and settled in many homes.

Jiffy Steamer Proline Commerical Wig Steamer J4000W

Feature of Jiffy Steamer Proline Commerical Wig Steamer J4000W

  • Cast aluminum housing unit for added durability.
  • Dual thermostats for steam in seconds.
  • 5 foot hose

Additional options, functionality and accessories

There are single-mode devices and analogs with variable intensity of steam supply.

The first models process clothes from the same type of fabric. The adjustable steamers are suitable for working with fabrics of various weights – from the finest gas to heavy velor.

The area of ​​the sole of the iron is important. The larger it is, the faster the processing cycle. In this regard, the number of holes in the nozzle matters. If it is significant, then more jets of steam are emitted from the iron, and it more effectively smoothes out folds and wrinkles.

Very useful additional options:

Cleaning the boiler from limescale. The function increases the service life of the device, prevents the appearance of stains on things.

Horizontal steaming. If a stationary device has this option, it can handle furniture, mattresses, pillows.

Removable water tank. In this case, it is possible to fill the tank directly from the tap, and not with a watering can.

Differences between a steamer and an iron

It seems to many that they do the same job. But this is not the case. There are differences. Let us examine the advantages of a steam unit in comparison with an iron.

Steamer benefits

The ability to smooth materials of different composition, density and finish without the risk of damaging them. The iron loses in this. After it, traces remain on the seams, shiny areas, and burn marks.

Convenience in processing. Steaming is carried out vertically, for example, the curtains can not be removed from the windows. An ironing board is also unnecessary. There is a rack with hangers for processing clothes. It often comes with the device.

Additional features. Steam equipment not only iron, but also cleans and disinfects. There are models with built-in functions for cleaning windows , mirrors and other vertical surfaces.

Despite all the advantages, the steam generator is not superior to the iron in every way. So, it is not able to smooth horizontal surfaces. Therefore, it is useless for ironing large table or bed linen. It will not help in the formation of arrows and folds. All you need is an iron. For the sake of fairness, it must be admitted that low-power steam units cannot cope with heavy dense fabrics or with heavily crumpled things.