Jiffy J-2M Garment Clothes Fabric Upholstery Steamer J2M 1300W 1Gallon 6″ Metalhead WoodHandle 5.5’Hose

What is the right way to use a garment steamer? First, you need to prepare the device for operation, having read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Let’s look at this process using the feature of garment steamer.

Jiffy J-2M Garment Clothes Fabric Upholstery Steamer J2M 1300W 1Gallon 6

Feature of Jiffy J-2M Garment Clothes Fabric Upholstery Steamer J2M 1300W 1Gallon 6″ Metalhead WoodHandle 5.5’Hose

  • No scorching or shining On/Off Switch Cast aluminum housing unit for durability 360 degrees swivel casters allow freedom of movement
  • Quick 2-minute heat-up time Made in the USA Will remove wrinkles from clothing, drapery, tablecloths, virtually any fabric 1300 Watts of steaming power Holds one gallon of water 1.5 hours of continuous steam Steams away wrinkles faster and without ironing No scorching or shining Cast aluminum housing unit for durability
  • Lightweight, flexible hose New European design steam head and hanging system Re-designed with the user in mind 360 degrees swivel casters allow freedom of movement New handle features an ergonomic grip for more comfortable operation High heat and impact resistant nylon makes this steam head the most durable available Shatterproof water bottle holds 1-gallon of water in cast aluminum housing Steaming head made of glass-filled nylon

Accessories that make using the steamer more convenient

  • Brush attachment. It can be used to clean coats, jackets, raincoats, jackets and other clothes made of heavy, dense fabric.
  • Heat-resistant mitten. Needed for processing costumes. With a protected hand, the thing is held from the lining side, in the second there is an iron that steams it.
  • Board and point attachment. These accessories are used for hard-to-reach areas, seams, complex clothing details.
  • Double hanger. Necessary for convenient vertical steaming of things.
  • Trouser clip. This attachment is needed to create arrows.

How to consider before choosing a garment steamer

  • Type: gravity or pump

The steam supply system can be of two types. In a gravity flow device, the flow is generated in the lower compartment of the housing. From there, it independently rises to the hose, passes through it and exits in the nozzle. During this time, he manages to cool down a little, but still works effectively. The pump units are equipped with a valve that keeps the vapors in the boiler. As soon as they gain the required pressure, the valve opens. A strong stream processes the web more efficiently.

You need to know that the powerful flow in pump-action varieties is not stable. It is served for several minutes, then it takes time for the formation and accumulation of a new portion of vapor. A stable flow occurs in models combined with a steam cleaner . There, instead of a pump, a pump is used.

  • Power

Determines the amount of supplied steam and the rate of heating of the water. It is clear that the higher this indicator, the more efficiently the equipment works. But electricity consumption is also growing. Professionals advise choosing 1400-1500 W devices for the care of fine textiles and knitwear. For dense cotton such as jeans or coat fabrics, 1800 W is chosen. If you intend to handle winter coats, you can take an even more powerful device.

  • Pressure

The steam supply is determined by the pressure at which the jet leaves the nozzle. The weakest are gravity devices, it is better to choose pump pumps. The optimum working pressure is 3.5-5 bar. Sometimes the technical specifications indicate the force with which the flow is supplied. The average value is considered to be 37-40 ml / min. More powerful models deliver 55 ml / min. and higher.

  • Modes of operation

Several operating modes can be provided for devices. In this case, they are equipped with switches to select the appropriate temperature setting. This is very convenient and guarantees the most efficient and at the same time gentle processing. Such models are more often bought for shops or ateliers, since their price is higher. Devices with one operating mode are quite suitable for domestic needs. Therefore, they are recommended for those who do not know how to choose a steamer for home use.

  • Tank volume

The larger it is, the longer the unit works continuously. But at the same time, the volume and weight of the tank affect the size and weight of the case. A bulky device is inconvenient. Therefore, a tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters is considered optimal. This amount of water is sufficient for approximately two hours of operation. Another point is the quality of the poured water. Expensive appliances are equipped with filters , so tap water is suitable for them. Others require only purified distilled water for filling.

  • Features of the nozzle

The lower part of the ironing nozzle can be plastic, metal or ceramic. The most unreliable option is plastic. An additional heater can be built into metal parts. This makes it possible to get rid of condensation. When choosing, take into account the number of holes for the exit of steam jets on the sole. There should be a lot of them.