iTvanila Garment Steamer, Travel Steamer 7-in-1. Handheld Fabric Steamer 15s Fast Heat-up,1200W. Wrinkle Remover. Portable Fabric Steam Iron.for Home and Travel

Modern fabrics do not always need to be ironed. Thanks for this to the manufacturers who make our life easier. However, no one canceled the care of clothes in the desire to give it a more representative look. This can be done quickly and efficiently with a steamer. You no longer need to smooth out creases, remove shiny stripes, iron wrinkles. It remains only to choose a steamer that will serve faithfully for the maximum period.

iTvanila Garment Steamer, Travel Steamer 7-in-1. Handheld Fabric Steamer 15s Fast Heat-up,1200W. Wrinkle Remover. Portable Fabric Steam Iron.for Home and Travel

Feature of iTvanila Garment Steamer, Travel Steamer 7-in-1. Handheld Fabric Steamer 15s Fast Heat-up,1200W. Wrinkle Remover. Portable Fabric Steam Iron.for Home and Travel

  • MULTIFUNCTION & NO LEAKING – iTvanila steamer comes with two additional brushes, customers use brushes to steam different clothes. It also equip with Anti-leakage Design which allows you to steam clothes while hanging vertically or lying horizontally. The handheld and lightweight design are a big plus if you are looking for a multifunctional and portable steamer. It €™s ideal for travel and on-the-go use. It can easily fit in any suitcases and backpacks.
  • DEIGSN FOR TRAVEL – It is designed for travel and home! No matter you are staying at a hotel or going on a road trip, this mini steamer perfectly fits for any traveler! Its compact size makes it possible to fit in any suitcase, bag or a backpack. You don’t have to worry about wrinkled clothes while travel on the road! Enjoy your travel, this powerful steamer will ensures your clothes be beauty.
  • GENTLE ON ALL FABRICS – Powerful but gentle, this handy steamer is highly effective and 100% safe to use on all fabrics: cotton, silk, wool, polyester, velvet, fiber and all delicate fabrics. It can de-wrinkle your clothes, curtains, drapery, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, toys etc. When the water level is low, the steamer will automatically shut off, preventing the device from overheating.

How to use a steam iron—Introduction to how to use a steam iron

We often see steam irons in clothing stores. Now everyone likes high-quality life and cares about clothes. Therefore, steam irons are favored by more and more people. How to use a steam iron, the editor below will give you a specific introduction.

Steam iron

When using a steam iron for the first time, you should first read the instruction manual of the steam iron carefully. The instructions on the manual are more detailed and enough for you to understand. It depends on whether the steam iron is domestic or imported. Foreign steam irons have requirements for voltage. Pay attention to whether the voltage of the steam iron matches. After reading the manual, when starting to use the steam iron, you should first ground the yellow and green two-color wires in the iron’s power cord. The purpose of this is to prevent leakage of electricity, which may cause electric shock and endanger human health.

Plug in the power, turn off the steam button first, and then put the steam iron upright and add water with a measuring cup. The volume of the iron’s water reservoir determines how much water is added. If you want to better maintain the steam iron, it is best to add softened water after boiling and cooling to prevent scale. If the steam iron is equipped with a water level glass, you can observe the water level in the water reservoir and add water as needed. There is a steam mark on the steam iron fabric indicator. The electric iron is turned on, and the temperature control knob is screwed to the position between the wool and linen stalls, and the indicator light will light up. When the indicator light goes out, it means that the temperature of the iron soleplate has reached the required value. If water has been added to the iron and steam is emitted, the iron can be ironed.

The steam iron can dry the fabric, but you must accurately determine the type of fabric to be ironed, and then adjust the temperature control knob to reach the most suitable soleplate temperature, and then you can start ironing the fabric. After ironing, adjust the steam knob Just go to the 0 position. After ironing, turn off the steam iron button first, then pour out all the residual water in the iron, then turn the temperature knob to the highest level to power on and heat, wait for the internal moisture to evaporate, then turn off the power, and then set the temperature knob back The lowest gear, after the iron cools down, pack it and store it in a dry place. After using the steam iron for a period of time, if white powder appears in the air vents under the soleplate of the steam iron, you can mix half of white vinegar and water into the water tank of the steam iron, heat it for about ten minutes, and gently shake the iron for careful cleaning. Then pour out the water and vinegar solution on each part, and then wash it several times with water before ironing.

Differences between a steamer and an iron

The steamer works on the principle of a steam generator. Modern models of irons are also equipped with this function, while they have a heating element in contact with the surface of the fabric. Thus, the iron, even with minimal heating, can spoil the delicate material, but the steamer cannot.

The distinctive features of the device also include:

versatility – the device can be used both for natural materials, such as wool, and synthetic fabrics;

Convenience – the product can be smoothed vertically and horizontally. This makes it easy to process outerwear, home textiles and fabric surfaces, which cannot be done with an iron;

safety – when in contact with steam, there is no shine, creases, arrows and other marks on the fabric, which allows you to use the device every day, even for things made of delicate, thin or fleecy materials;

efficiency – it is more convenient to work with a steamer than an iron, because it smoothes the surface quickly and the first time, giving it a perfect look.

This device can be used for absolutely any textile, be it a flannel shirt, silk blouse or cotton curtains.