Ironing Board Cover and Pad Extra Thick Heavy Duty Padded 4 Layers, Silver Coated Ironing Board Cover, Non Stick Scorch and Stain Resistant Standard Size 15×54 inch

High price ironing boards are equipped with replaceable covers. This is very convenient, because sooner or later the coating will get dirty or worn out and will have to be washed or completely replaced. The cover is attached with ties or elastic bands. The first method provides a more secure fit, and the elastic bands stretch over time.

Ironing Board Cover and Pad Extra Thick Heavy Duty Padded 4 Layers, Silver Coated Ironing Board Cover, Non Stick Scorch and Stain Resistant Standard Size 15x54 inch

Feature of Ironing Board Cover and Pad Extra Thick Heavy Duty Padded 4 Layers, Silver Coated Ironing Board Cover, Non Stick Scorch and Stain Resistant Standard Size 15×54 inch

  • NOSE POCKET AND ELASTIC EDGES PROVIDE PERFECT NON-SLIP FIT – Elasticized edges and nose pocket design fits the board perfectly. Slipping and the exposure of the edges will be prevented by this. Providing you to have wrinkle free clothes in a shorter time. This ironing board cover and pad is designed for standard size boards (15×54 inches).
  • IRON FASTER AND BETTER WITH REFLECTIVE HEAT- Silver coated top layer reflects the heat of iron back to the clothes so you achieve perfect and wrinkle free clothes in a fraction of time. It €™s like having the iron heat on both sides of your clothing at the same time. It also absorbs less water than regular covers. You €™ll notice how our ironing board covers eliminate the creases and annoying folds.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED AND EASILY TAILORED TO FIT A WIDE RANGE OF BOARDS – The 15 inch x 54 inch cover fits all standard sized ironing boards. It is also designed to fit boards that measure 52 to 54 inch in length and 13 to 15 inch in width. One size does not always fit all! Please measure your board before purchase.

How to choose the right ironing board cover

  • Measure your ironing board. Measure the length and width of your board. Measure only the ironing surface, not including the iron rest, when measuring the length and measure the widest part when determining the width. Then you need to determine which edge of the board is: rounded, tapered or blunt.
  • Find the right cover for you. The coverings come in different shapes, sizes, materials and models that are designed for different types of ironing. Of course, the choice of ironing board cover is a matter of taste, but it should be smooth and permeable to steam and heat. How often you iron and what you iron will determine which coating you need to buy. It is very good that you decided to change the coating, by this you protected yourself from the worst – to discover the unsuitability of your board in the future. You should also consider that there are several types of coverings for different needs, this is especially true for those who sew or quilter.
    Non-stick or reflective coatings are designed to reflect heat from the iron upward from the cover to your garment. This means that heat is absorbed only by your clothes and not by your clothes or covering, making ironing quicker with minimal effort. Not only will it speed up the ironing process, but also at low temperatures, you will damage delicate fabrics less. Another plus of the reflective surface of the coating is that it does not get dirty and is heat resistant, so it not only looks good, but will last longer. While this is great for daily ironing, some people dislike it because the fabric slips off and it is difficult to fold and smooth the hem. These users suggest a natural cotton board cover to be pulled over reflective when working on sewing projects.
    The natural unlightened cotton ironing board covers are very popular for daily ironing and very practical for sewing and quilting. Your clothes and fabric will not slip off the ironing board. This is usually a dense material like canvas or canvas, very durable and washable well. However, it will burn if the iron is very hot or you leave it on the surface for a long time. Although burnt-on stains will not ruin your clothes, they look ugly and hardly wash out. Several manufacturers have developed a vapor resistant cotton undercoat to give you the best of two – a heat-reflecting non-slip surface for easier ironing.
    Made from 100% cotton, the coverings are available in a variety of excellent colors and patterns to add a bold, chic feel to your ironing board. This is especially good for you if you leave your board spread out or use it for something else. Printed and colored cotton covers are usually made of fabric thinner than unbleached cotton covers. Some people love flowers, stripes and patterns on these boards, others don’t! One of the main drawbacks is that the pattern is visible through the item you are ironing and it is difficult to see the non-ironed areas. It also makes it difficult to measure a visually straight line for bending an edge or cut. The rich colors will brighten up your laundry without affecting your ability to see you ironing or tucking the cut.

How to sheathe an ironing board

A convenient ironing board is a faithful helper in every household. Over time, its topcoat loses its freshness, becomes covered with spots and tan. In the online store of ironing equipment “Skladok” you can buy a new board or buy a removable cover for the ironing board. How to sheathe an ironing board with your own hands, we will tell you in this article.
Preparation for restoration
The old casing should be carefully removed, keeping its shape. The easiest way to create a new pattern is to use it. Auxiliary materials can be used for the inside of the cover. Foam sheets, synthetic winterizer or batting with a thickness of up to 1 cm are suitable.In the absence of filler, a soft backing is cut out of obsolete blankets, woolen or flannel blankets, sewn in several layers. The shape of the backing should be exactly the same as the inner spacer removed from the board. For better adhesion to the board, add 5-6 cm at the edges of the product.