Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board

Housewives know how uncomfortable ironing is on the kitchen table or, worse, on the floor. You can get a convenient modern unit and daily ironing will turn into a pleasure. The ironing board is a handy household appliance, they all look alike: a rectangular table with folding legs.

 Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board

Feature of Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board

  • Ideal for dorm rooms, apartments or smaller spaces
  • Portable iron board provides sturdy and spacious ironing surface
  • Includes metal iron rest to prevent scorching
  • Collapsible; stores easily as a closet ironing board
  • Constructed of wood and cloth: includes a pad and aqua blue cover

Basic parameters are not enough to fully understand the inside of the ironing board. The base of the table is made of various materials and can significantly influence the choice and price in the sales network.

Countertop materials modern boards use thermoplastic, lightweight and practical, it tolerates steam and heat well; the basis is a perforated metal sheet, it is often covered with a wooden layer; metal mesh, very durable, vapor permeable. Correctly manufactured, practically does not deform the entire period of operation.

Ironing board legs the most common option is aluminum, from this material the table will be light; for stability and safety, rubber tips are made; the fastening clips must firmly hold the legs and not allow the table to collapse during the process.

Accessories for comfortable work

The advantage when buying one or another device is also added to the component accessories. All manufacturers add additional functional devices for work. Among them: iron stand: very convenient, does not take up space on the work surface, made for the safety of working with a hot iron, even when it is turned on it can stay on the stand for a long time; device for ironing sleeves: absolutely necessary if you have to iron a lot of shirts, such a stand can be removed and put on if necessary; a stationary socket on legs, with an extension cord: then the ironing board can be placed anywhere, in the kitchen and in the bedroom; shelf for linen, very convenient, but it happens in rare models. The presence of add-ons makes ironing more convenient and faster. But some options can make the structure heavier and cumbersome. Additional space will have to be allocated for additional accessories.