Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

     A good ironing board should have an iron stand, and an ideal ironing board should also have a linen rack. If you use a steam generator, it is better to spend money and get an active board.

Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

Feature of Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

  • Space-saving ironing board easily hangs over any standard door
    Smoothly folds up and down and safely locks when upright
    Over-the-door hooks feature cushioned bumpers to protect door
    Includes 7mm foam pad and 100% cotton ironing board cover
    Great for small spaces; easy to use and stores quickly

In apartments with a problem of free space, you have to choose accessories that perform several functions at once. A striking example of this is an ironing board made under a mirror. In fact, it is a framed mirror fixed on the wall. It slides back like a door and hides a small cavity about 5 cm deep behind it. It contains a board that is easy to spread out and use as intended.
This design is very popular because it does not require serious physical exertion to wear it. Even a child can cope with the installation of such a transformer. By opening the mirror and lowering the board, you can immediately start doing the work. It should be noted that this design also has a drawback. You need to be very careful with the iron, because if you iron it sweepingly, you can hook the mirror and break it.

The folding board can be hidden not only in the mirror, but also behind the painting. It should be borne in mind that such designs do not allow for height adjustment, which is not very convenient. Only individual manufacturers have thought of this point, but it is quite difficult to find a similar range on sale.

Several manufacturers offer similar board designs, but it should be borne in mind that they weigh more than 30 kg. In this regard, reliable anchors must be used to attach them to the wall. Such a board will not work if the wall is made of loose material that is unable to hold the load.

Wall-mounted ironing board
Attaches directly to the wall. In the assembled position, the ironing surface is vertical. When you need to iron things, she is brought to a horizontal position. This is not a portable structure, so it must be initially fixed in a place where it will not interfere.

It should be noted that the externally installed structure does not look very attractive, therefore it spoils the interior. It is appropriate to install such a board in a wardrobe that is not inferior in size to a small room. For city apartments, where aesthetics are important, such a design will not be the best choice. Also, the lack of adjustment options can be attributed to the obvious disadvantages of wall structures. People with a different height will experience discomfort when using such a device