EPICKA Handheld Steamer for Clothes

A handheld steamer is a useful tool that helps you tidy up delicate fabrics without the risk of burning them. The compact device fits comfortably in your bag. Even while traveling, staying at a hotel, you can always quickly iron the most complex job.

Home Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Feature of EPICKA Handheld Steamer for Clothes

  • The 650W steam engine produces powerful steam with a modern and efficient nozzle design that evenly delivers steam and easily removes stubborn wrinkles from the interior, including upholstery, bedding, tablecloths and more.
  • Instant water slurry technology, 30 seconds quick steaming, support flat and hot, 80ml large-capacity translucent water tank, can provide about 8 minutes of continuous steam
  • This steamer is light weight and the compact size on the Steamer market,and free travel bag in the package could help store this steamer. it was the most balanced and comfortable to hold for several minutes

Handheld steamer device

In compact models, all the main parts (electric steam generator, liquid container and iron ) are enclosed in a single housing. There is no hose and clearance stand here. There is a special filter that softens water and does not allow scale particles to pass through. Portability gives tangible advantages, makes the device mobile, but affects the volume of the tank and the power of the device. The handheld steam generator with brush attachments on the work sole is convenient for cleaning a coat or jacket made of thick fabric. The bristles are required to lift the bristles so that the hot jet penetrates as deeply as possible.

How a handheld steamer works

After switching on, the liquid is brought to a boil in a compact boiler using a heating element. With the help of the sensor, the temperature regime necessary for the formation of steam is maintained in the tank. When the water cools down, the relay periodically turns on and off the steam generator. Steam ironing is carried out after pressing a special button, by means of which the supply or termination of the hot jet is regulated.

Pros and cons of a handheld steamer
In the operation of any device, you can find weaknesses or undeniable advantages. For people accustomed to working with an iron, a handheld steamer looks like an impractical thing from the outside. Taking a closer look, you can find a lot of positive aspects in this compact device, especially if you often have to put in order delicate delicate things with a lot of jewelry, frills, flounces and ruffles.

Advantages of steamers:

No ironing board or table required.
A small volume of liquid heats up faster, which saves time.
The presence of attachments for different fabrics.
Removing unpleasant odors from the surface.
Getting rid of dust mites and harmful microorganisms.
The device copes well with products of complex cut.
No shiny spots remain on the surface after processing.
Garments are steamed without the risk of thermal deformation of the fibers.
Handheld devices are compact, suitable for travel.
Affordable price.
Disadvantages of a handheld steamer:

Treated items are damp to the touch, so they cannot be put on immediately, it takes time for the fabric to dry completely.
If professional overall floor standing devices with a 1.5-2 liter tank work for hours, then a compact hand-held mini garment steamer uses a small volume of 200 ml liquid in 15 minutes.
Low power models will slowly steam fabric and are poorly suited for thick fabrics.