Epica High-Power Handheld Fabric Steamer

Smoothing a men’s suit and outerwear, putting in order an airy blouse with ruffles with an ordinary iron is very difficult and time-consuming. The handheld Steamer iron such as Epica High-Power Handheld Steamer handles things of varying complexity quickly, without leaving greasy stains.

Epica High-Power Handheld Fabric Steamer

Feature of Epica High-Power Handheld Fabric Steamer

  • HOTTER, FASTER—THE ELITE STEAMER: Get ready to conquer crinkles and creases quicker than any other. This steamer’s 850-watt piping hot flow of steam gets hotter faster, to freshen up your cashmere, straighten out your silk
  • SKIP TIME-CONSUMING IRONING: Now, skip the wait and the pain in your arms and wrists that bulky irons bring. At just 12 oz— with ergonomic finger grips and a specially compact size—this steamer is the best, quickest alternative on the market for home owners tired of pulling out their ironing board.
  • SAFER FOR YOUR MOST IMPORTANT GARMENTS: Many steamers drip and leave drapes or clothes damp or stained. For sensitive fabrics—whether that’s your bridesmaid dress or super-fancy dress shirts
  • QUICKEST AND LIGHT—A TRAVELLER’S DELIGHT: Travel and suitcases do a number on fabrics, and heat can just exacerbate the problem.

Epica High-Power Handheld Fabric Steamer Review

épica high-power handheld fabric steamer the épica handheld steamer rounds out our top 10 list with quick and convenient steaming heat up in hundred five minutes and finish steaming your shirts out of ten it’s compact and lightweight making travel worryfree many steamers might be safe for your clothes but what about you the épica is completely harmless even while whisking your favorite delicates with piping hot steam our organic design safety on and off switch and built-in low-water auto shutoff device keeps your safe the measure of a steamer is its steam forget less powerful steamers that push out tepid stinging man can barely straighten out silk much less have an impact on linen pants cashmere sweaters and pillow shams épica steamer brings out the heat that gets those hanger wrinkles in a snap.

What things cannot be steamed
With all its positive qualities, not all types of clothing and fabrics can be processed with a steamer.

If there is a dry cleaning sign on the clothing label, then steam is contraindicated.
It is better to dry-clean fur clothes.
Steam sweaters can stretch or shrink.
Overdried linen and cotton will not be smoothed by the steamer. In this case, it is better to iron the fabric in a damp state on a medium setting.
The crossed out iron symbol indicates that this type of fabric must not be steamed.
Polyester synthetic fabric, which is not recommended to be steamed, as after processing, stains may remain and the color of the product may change.
The steamer is an easy wardrobe ironing and multifunctional assistant in everyday life. The main advantage of the unit is the simplicity of the principle of operation, easy care of clothes, quick assembly. Thanks to additional functions, you can wash glass and mirrors, take care of furniture, remove animal hair. For asthmatics and allergy sufferers, the right device that fights dust, lint, mites and foreign odors.