Ejoyous Garment Steamer with Stand, 1700W Heavy Duty Clothes Standing Fabric Steamer with 11 Steam Level,

What is the right way to use a garment steamer? First, you need to prepare the device for operation, having read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Let’s look at this process using the feature of garment steamer.

Ejoyous Garment Steamer with Stand, 1700W Heavy Duty Clothes Standing Fabric Steamer with 11 Steam Level,

Feature of Ejoyous Garment Steamer with Stand, 1700W Heavy Duty Clothes Standing Fabric Steamer with 11 Steam Level,

  • ˜…11 STEAM LEVEL: Featured with eleven-setting temperature control models, this clothing standing steamer can meet different fabrics ironing like silk, nylon, wool, cotton, taffeta, polyester, hemp and fiber, the best servant for housewife
  • ˜…INDIVIDUAL DESIGN: The bottom blowdown outlet makes it convenient to drain away waste water and prevent bacterial growth. And double-layer steam pipes (one for absorbing heat, one for resisting steam permeation) will prolong the service life
  • ˜…ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The adjustable telescopic pole adds convenience for use and storage, easy to adjust the height of garment standing steamer based on your need. And the folding hanger suits for different kinds of clothing like coat, pants, bedding, curtains

Additional options, functionality and accessories

There are single-mode devices and analogs with variable intensity of steam supply.

The first models process clothes from the same type of fabric. The adjustable steamers are suitable for working with fabrics of various weights – from the finest gas to heavy velor.

The area of ​​the sole of the iron is important. The larger it is, the faster the processing cycle. In this regard, the number of holes in the nozzle matters. If it is significant, then more jets of steam are emitted from the iron, and it more effectively smoothes out folds and wrinkles.

Very useful additional options:

Cleaning the boiler from limescale. The function increases the service life of the device, prevents the appearance of stains on things.

Horizontal steaming. If a stationary device has this option, it can handle furniture, mattresses, pillows.

Removable water tank. In this case, it is possible to fill the tank directly from the tap, and not with a watering can.

Equipment types of Garment Steamers

Based on the advice of professionals on how to choose a garment steamer, you should start by determining the type of machine. There are several of them.


These are small devices that resemble a kettle with a spout or a large, lint-free clothes brush. The dimensions of the apparatus do not allow equipping it with a capacious water reservoir and a powerful heating element. But if necessary, it can easily fit in a travel bag.

Advantages of hand-held devices:

Lightweight and compact.

Convenience in work. The hand does not get tired, it is easy to reach the upper edge of the curtains, for example.

The price is lower than that of floor models.

There are standalone devices powered by rechargeable batteries or batteries.


The main disadvantage of compact units is low power. They are not able to smooth out heavily wrinkled clothing or thick materials.

Their reservoir is small, so water has to be topped up frequently.

The steam flow rate is low.

The working cycle is short, lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.