dodocool Steamer for Clothes, Travel and Home Handheld Garment Steamer

It is difficult to imagine life today without an iron. It helps to give any clothes a neat and pleasant appearance. When traveling or traveling, each item has a special meaning due to its weight, which is why a miniature travel iron was created.Whether you like ironing or not, one thing is sure: having a good iron will make your practice more enjoyable and will simplify the process. Below you can find a selection of those that, according to our research, are the best irons on the market according to who uses them and according to different needs. See if among these there is the model that is also for you!

dodocool Steamer for Clothes, Travel and Home Handheld Garment Steamer

Feature of dodocool Steamer for Clothes, Travel and Home Handheld Garment Steamer

  • Garment Steamer Pump System produce fast Dry Steam.
  • Safe and Easy to Use “ The steamer is designed with full security guidelines
  • Fabric brush to brush away wrinkles, Lint pad to remove lint, hair, and other unwanted objects found on garments, and Steam bonnet to prevent any type of dripping water from staining your garments

How to use a steam iron

Steam irons have good performance, clothes will not be damaged when ironed, and can easily produce satisfactory results. Therefore, steam irons are popular among consumers. But the problem is that many consumers do not know how to use a steam iron after they buy it. Let me share with you how to use a steam iron.


  • How to use a steam iron? The correct method of using a steam iron is as follows:Steam irons should first ground the yellow and green wires in the power core wire. This is to prevent the danger caused by leakage.It is best to add boiling water to the steam iron. Lift the front end to make the water filling port upward, and slowly pour the boiled water from the water filling port with a measuring cup. The volume of the iron reservoir determines how much water is added.
  • For electric irons equipped with a water level glass, the iron can be erected to observe the water level in the water reservoir and add water as needed.
  • On the fabric indicator of the steam iron, the label of the fabric name is basically the same as that of the temperature-regulating electric iron. The difference is that an additional “steam” mark is added.
  • Turn on the electric iron, turn the temperature control knob to the position between “wool” and “linen”, the indicator light should glow. When the indicator light goes out, it means that the temperature of the iron soleplate has reached the required value. If water has been added to the iron, steam should be sprayed out, “ironing can be carried out.”
  • The steam iron can dry-iron the fabric, but it is necessary to judge the type of fabric to be ironed, then adjust the temperature control knob, and finally select the appropriate soleplate temperature. After ironing, adjust the steam knob to the “0” position.
  • After use, the remaining water in the water reservoir should be poured out from the water filling port. When pouring, the front end of the iron should be facing down, and the electric trade bucket should be shaken at the same time to pour out the water. Then turn the temperature knob to the highest temperature level, and power on for a few minutes to evaporate all the internal moisture. Then cut off the power, turn the temperature control knob back to the lowest temperature range, and store it after natural cooling.

Advantages of steam iron

The advantages of a steam iron are many specifications, a wide range of applications, light weight, fast heat generation and fast heat loss. However, although it has a certain improvement compared with ordinary electric irons, it still needs to be artificially wetted, so it is not an ideal ironing tool. The water vapor liquefies and releases a large amount of hot ironing clothes because the temperature will not exceed 100 ℃, so the clothes will not be ironed.

Because the liquefaction of water vapor will release heat, the steam iron of the steam iron has a higher temperature and better flatness, and it can also improve the sterilization effect. The formed fine water droplets have an adsorption effect on the dust of the fibrous tissue inside the clothes.

Don’t press the iron too hard when ironing clothes, so as not to show traces of cloth edges on the surface of the clothes. Don’t put the clothes away immediately after comforting, hang them to dry.