dodocool Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Heated Soleplate 1300-Watts

If you have a hand model, then clothes can be placed on a regular hanger before steaming. If you are the owner of a floor model, then use a special rack with a hanger. Outerwear and shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts, evening dresses and jackets will comfortably fit on the hangers. To secure trousers, jeans and skirts, floor models usually have special clips that are fixed at different distances.

dodocool Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Heated Soleplate 1300-Watts

Feature of dodocool Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Heated Soleplate 1300-Watts

  • This Steamer heats up in only 30 seconds, powerful steam shorten the iron time, save your precious time.
  • Extreme Steam Dual Heat Technology creates concentrated steam, up to 30% hotter, to penetrate heavier fabrics and release wrinkles 5x faster than other steamers
  • Preheats only takes 30 seconds,it can smooth and wrinkle any clothing quickly and easily.

Selection options before buying Garment Steamers

Let’s consider the main characteristics that will help you choose a steamer:

Power. This criterion characterizes the strength of the steam acting on the fabric. For example, a steamer with a power of 900 W is suitable for ironing tulle, but for a denser surface (curtains, curtains), an electrical appliance with a higher power (1500 W) should be chosen.

Volume of the tank. The time of continuous operation of the steamer depends on this indicator. To iron curtains, you should pay attention to equipment with a capacity of 1 – 2 liters.

Equipment. For example, the length of the telescopic rod. It is better to choose a steamer for curtains with a high bar, and when working with clothes, a low version is also suitable.

Additional functions. Some electrical appliances have many functions; several types of attachments are provided in the kit. There are models that work with the addition of detergents.


At present, the assortment of goods is regularly replenished; more powerful and modern novelties are replacing the old models. We suggest considering the rating of steamers. When choosing the best device, such parameters as price, quality and general characteristics played a great role.

What is inside steamer

Having figured out what type of steamer you want to buy, you should also think about the “stuffing” of the device, because some types give more steam, while others give less.

It all depends on the heating elements, which are steel and made of brass according to the material of manufacture.

There is an opinion that brass, as a material, is more durable. But it is not so. The properties of this element are such that brass has less corrosion resistance, which does not affect the service life of the device.


The latest steamers consist of a tank, pump, heater and valve. A simple mechanism provides steam, the power of which depends on the power of the heating element.

In conclusion, a few more words about the configuration of steamers.

When buying, this is also worth paying attention to. Almost all steamer models have the following equipment:


clips for trousers,

protective mitten,

accessories for collar and pocket steamers,

hangers for clothes, which conveniently fix the thing for ironing.