Conair Steam Hand Held Steamer

You often have to be on various kinds of trips, then the question of how to tidy up clothes after a travel bag or suitcase is familiar firsthand. Avid travelers will suggest the best solution: take a handheld garment steamer with you on your trip.

Conair Steam Hand Held Steamer

Feature of Conair Complete Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

  • COMPLETE STEAM: quickly penetrates fabrics to smooth out wrnkles while also refreshing the fabric. Large Steam Head with 1110 Watt of power, 60 second heat up and up to 5 minutes of high velocity continuouns steam
  • STEAMING CONTROL: With ergonomic handle, spill protection feature and measuring only 9″ x 5.5″, take the Conair Complete Steam Handheld Fabric Steamer with you wherever you go ~ great for travel.
  • SMOOTHES, DE-WRINKLES & FRESHENS: easy to fill removeable 4.9-ounce water tank and 8 ft. power cord. On/Off switch & power light
  • INNOVATIVE GARMENT CARE: From fabric shavers & traditional irons to garment steamers

What is a handheld garment steamer
The steamer is a household electrical appliance for vertical “ironing” of clothes. Without much difficulty, simply by hanging the item on a hanger, you will perfectly iron the item with this unit. I must say that with its remarkable ability to smooth even strong bruises, creases and folds, the steamer treats the fabric more delicately than an ordinary iron. This is due to the fact that, unlike our usual ironing device in a steamer, the heating element does not come into contact with the clothes, and the process itself proceeds practically without contact of surfaces.
The device and principle of operation of a manual steamer
The handheld garment steamer works like a kettle and has a similar design:

water tank with heating element;
a pen;
working surface – can be in the form of a spout with nozzles or in the form of an iron;
electric cord.
If the functionality and device of the steamers are the same, then in form they can be very different. The task of manufacturers is not only to make the device convenient to use, but also to create an interesting design.

How is a garment steamer used?

There is always a need to iron your clothes. And sometimes this business becomes tiresome. For example, when you need to iron some kind of delicate fabric, curtain, decorated thing. In this situation, a garment steamer can be a real helper.
Everyone knows how to handle the iron. Many people iron as usual, without knowing any problems. When it comes to a garment steamer, not everyone knows how to handle it.

An electrical appliance such as a steamer produces steam. It is very easy to process textiles with it. That is, to smooth and cleanse. Steam streams with temperatures reaching 98-99 ° C break through the fibers to align them. At the same time, the fabric does not stretch or deform. Also, hot air acts so that the fabric is disinfected. It cleans it of impurities.

Note that this device has its own specifics. It works in an upright position.

The steamer is a great help for a wide variety of materials. Be it silk or jacquard, wool or cotton, viscose or organza, polyester or velor. Moreover, any thing can even be with any decorative elements. Be it sequins or beads, lace or braid.

The device is designed so that it does not jam the fabric. After treatment with a steamer, no shiny areas remain. He cleans jackets, down jackets, coats well. There are such devices that are very good for processing fur products.