BUSYPIGGY 2020 Travel Garment Steamer Portable Steamer for Clothes with 250ml Detachable Water Tank

Did you find the Travel iron or handheld iron as you need? Maybe not yet and maybe you still have doubts to clarify before making the final choice. In the following section we have prepared a series of answers to the most frequently asked questions about this usefull appliance. In this way you will be able to dispel any doubts you may have about it.

BUSYPIGGY 2020 Travel Garment Steamer Portable Steamer for Clothes with 250ml Detachable Water Tank

Feature of BUSYPIGGY 2020 Travel Garment Steamer Portable Steamer for Clothes with 250ml Detachable Water Tank

  • Three Adjustable Steam & Power-off Protection ‘Our handheld steamer has three different gears. It can produce different amounts of steam according to the button you choose. And there are 3 light indicators corresponding to 3 steam levels (green for 10-14g/min, blue for 14-18g/min & red for 18-22g/min of steam). Anti-dry pump Function, automatic power off after 30 minutes without operation, safety protection greatly protects your safety.
  • SUPERIOR WRINKLE REMOVER “ Powerful Garment Steamer, Material quality, Highly Effective and Gentle for All Kinds of Garments or Fabric. Instantly Erase Wrinkles from Suits, Shirts, Dresses, Delicates, Even Drapery or Beddings. Perfect for Last-minute Ironing Emergencies: Save Time, Energy and Money. Don ™t Let Annoying Creases and Wrinkles Ruin Your Moments or Trips.
  • “ž Risk Free Purchase ‘Your satisfaction is our purpose, some unforeseen circumstances may occur inevitably. Contact us immediately if you aren ™t satisfied with our products, or you have other requirements on our services. We offer 90 days after sales service.

Iron vs steamer: the main differences

Each of these devices has its own strengths and weaknesses. Despite the fact that each of them is designed to perform the same task, their areas of application are still different. The main advantages of the iron include:

Possibility to make arrows (the steamer can only direct the existing ones).

Ability to work in a horizontal position.

Due to the physical properties of some fabrics, the use of an iron is more effective, since the heating temperature of the sole is much higher.

steamer vs iron

Sometimes the steamer cannot completely replace the iron.

Thus, it becomes clear that an ordinary household steamer (albeit a multifunctional one) is an exclusively niche device designed to perform a certain number of tasks. This does not in any way reduce its effectiveness, since using the steamer is much easier than using an iron, especially when ironing products with a large surface.

steaming a large surface

The steamer is advantageous when you want to flatten a product with a large surface.

Nevertheless, it is worth counting on the maximum return only with the proper use of both devices. Only under this condition, you can really forget about the problem of ironing forever.

How to buy steam iron

1. The temperature-regulating steam iron has a temperature control function, so it is not easy to iron the clothes. You can choose a higher power to reduce the waiting time and increase the ironing speed. In addition, if the power is too large, the report will be insufficient. Generally, it is better to choose 500W.

2. The steam iron should be safe and reliable. It should be noted that there should be no short circuit or leakage of the iron after the energization test, and it can be measured with an electric pen. In addition, the iron should be able to stand without tipping over.

3. If the power lead is well insulated, you should choose a rubber insulated three-core multi-stranded cord woven with cotton yarn fiber. Do not buy plastic wires that are easily burned by the iron, which does not meet safety requirements.

4. Check the appearance of the iron, carefully check that the surface of each part is smooth and free of burrs, and the parts must be in good fit. The temperature control knob and other parts should be flexible and reliable to rotate, the indicator kind of bubble will be bright, and the thermostat action is sensitive.

5. Pay attention to check whether the water tank leaks after adding water, whether the steam can be sprayed out within the specified short time after powering on, whether the buttons are flexible and easy to operate.