Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest

There are many models of ironing boards available in stores. During the buying process, it is easy to get confused in the presented assortment. We will analyze what these devices are, how they differ from each other, give advice on choosing best ironing board.

Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest


Feature of Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest

  • Size – 49 x 15 inches with a 0.89 inch Ivory Frame
  • Extra-wide and ergonomic – adjustable to 4 different heights (28 – 36 inches)
  • Handy transport lock keeps the table folded when stored or transported
  • Safety child lock prevents the ironing board accidentally collapsing

Types of ironing boards

Tabletop ironing boards are the most inexpensive compact models. In working order, the height of such a trowel is no more than 20 cm. As the name implies, they use it by placing it on any table.

The main disadvantage of such options is their miniature size. It will be inconvenient to iron oversized things (sheets, curtains, bed linen). Due to their compactness, such models are considered one of the most optimal for not frequent use in small apartments.

Floor ironing boards
Floor ironing boards are the most common. The standard units are equipped with a folding mechanism for compact storage. Adjustment of the height of the unfolded tabletop is provided. It can be stepped or smooth. Among the floor models, there are multifunctional boards that also combine a stepladder or clothes dryer.

Ironing board cabinet
Embedded models are the most expensive. The ironing table top can be built into a nightstand, cupboard, chest of drawers, set or other type of furniture. Such models are functional. They don’t need to look for storage space. Another type is transformers.

The board can turn into a mirror or other piece of furniture that can be hung on the wall. They usually have a folding wall structure. Their main disadvantage is the cost, in addition, the place for ironing will be stationary, it will be difficult to temporarily transfer such an ironer to another place.