Brabantia Cotton Flower Ironing Board

You can iron your laundry in different ways. The easiest way is to whip it up on a regular table, spreading something over so as not to damage the kitchen furniture. In principle, it works, but, as they say, it hits mainly in areas and is rather akin to the marching option, which does not solve the problem thoroughly. In addition, for a large amount of linen, for clothes with a complex cut, the method usually does not work

Brabantia Cotton Flower Ironing Board


Feature of Brabantia Cotton Flower Ironing Board

  • Solid steam iron unit holder
  • Suize C, Dimensions: 124 x 45 cm
  • Child and transport locks- prevent ironing board collapsing accidentally
  • Adjustable to 7 heights 75 – 98 cm

Ironing board selection criteria
Construction weight.
Working area.
Compactness when folded.
Ease of adjustment.
As for the weight of the structure , this is a very important criterion. The point is that the ironing board is constantly moved. It is much easier if it is light, since this allows even a child to install it without problems.

Sustainability is equally important. If the design is initially loose, then you should not buy one. The fact is that a hot iron is installed on the board, so even if it does not fall by itself, it may well stagger so that the iron will fly off. It is very heavy, so falling will cause injury to the leg, and in addition, it will leave burn marks on the flooring.

The working area is also very important. It is she who determines the convenience of using the device. If the ironing plane is very small, it will be inconvenient to work with the bed linen. In the same case, if the board is too large, there will be problems with its placement when folded.

The compactness of the folded structure is needed if the board is selected for a small apartment, where every centimeter of usable space matters. If the board is presented in the form of a separate structure, it is desirable that it, assembled, be placed in the gap between the cabinet and the wall or in another place where it will not interfere. If you have a sofa or bed with high legs, you can choose such a board arrangement so that you can lay it on the floor below them.

Ease of adjustment is also an important criterion for choosing best ironing board. Setting up involves installing it at different heights, which is necessary if the board is used by several people of different heights.

The last selection criterion is the coating of the board. It should be made of a fabric that does not burn on contact with a hot iron. In the event that a mistake was made when choosing, do not be upset, since everything can be corrected using purchased board covers, which are worn over the ironing surface.