BIZOND Steamer for Clothes Travel and Home – Portable, Handheld Steamer for Garment and Fabric

Are you ready to make your purchase? Almost, but not yet. Before proceeding, we recommend that you evaluate these last important criteria. They are essential and you shouldn’t ignore them if you want to make a purchase that you won’t regret. Here’s what they are:

BIZOND Steamer for Clothes Travel and Home - Portable, Handheld Steamer for Garment and Fabric

Feature of BIZOND Steamer for Clothes Travel and Home – Portable, Handheld Steamer for Garment and Fabric

  • NANO FILTER – It has a NANO Filter to tap water, which protects the heating element from calcification and prolongs the lifetime of the device. Our BIZOND fabric steamer for clothes is the safest you can buy
  • ‘ QUICK & POWERFUL – It heats up within 25s, a quick solution requiring minimal effort and leaving no mess behind. An iron steamer that ™s easier than ironing: just move the mini steamer across the fabric from any angle
  • ˜COMPACT & HANDY – It ™s lightweight, comfortable to hold, doesn ™t get hot while steaming, simple to use, and yet does an outstanding job! This steamer is indispensable in travels, because it ™s super compact and fits in carry-on

How to use steam iron properly

Many clothes are easily deformed and wrinkle. Such clothes will compromise our image when worn in public. Therefore, in order to avoid this, the clothes should be ironed in time to keep them flat. Ironing irons, steam irons, and garment irons can now be used to iron clothes, but among the three, electric irons are easy to burn clothes for non-professional ordinary people, and the ironing effect of garment irons is not very good, so steam irons It has become our first, so let me tell you the correct use of steam iron!


Steam iron clothes brush

Cold water


Turn off the steam button first, then pour in cold water and turn on the power, select the appropriate gear and heat until the red light is off.

After reaching the required temperature, first iron the unobvious corners of the clothes to check whether the selected gear is suitable.

After confirming that the gear is suitable, remember to use the steam function for formal ironing work.

In the process of ironing, a brush can be used to help restore the smoothness of the clothes.

After ironing, put the clothes in a ventilated place and wait for the moisture to dissipate before putting them in the wardrobe for storage.

How to use electric iron at home

Many families have their own electric irons so that they can be used to iron the clothes after they are washed and dried to make the clothes flat. So how to use it in daily life?


Before powering on, check whether the protective layer of the wire is intact and whether it is damaged to prevent leakage.

If it is an old-fashioned electric iron, it does not have a water inlet. Therefore, when ironing clothes, you need to moisten the cloth with water or spread a damp cloth to prevent the cloth from being damaged.

Steam irons need water, and preferably boiled water or purified water without impurities. If it is general tap water, impurities inside may block the vents and affect the effect. In the process of adding water, pay attention to the amount of water, not too little, it is easy to evaporate in a short time. Be careful when pouring water into the water inlet. Do not spill water on other parts of the iron to avoid electric shock.

According to the material you want to iron, select the corresponding temperature range, and then start heating. Do not pay attention to this step, otherwise the clothes may be scalded or burned.

During the heating process of the electric iron and during the intermittent ironing, the iron should be placed upright and cannot be placed aside, as it is easy to burn out the items directly in contact with the iron.

After the steam iron is used up, if there is any remaining water, either pour it out or continue to energize it until the water is boiled out. If the water is not evaporated, the water may leak out by itself, adhere to the bottom plate, and leave water stains, which is not good for the maintenance of the machine.