BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen

A home iron is a necessary thing in a modern apartment, both for an inveterate bachelor and in a large family. Everyone wants to look neat and tidy, regardless of gender or social status. Gone are the days of huge and heavy Soviet irons, which can now only be found in museums or closets. These “units”, and in another way to call them the language does not turn, were heavy, and did not have the possibility of fine tuning and steaming. Now, even for little money, you can buy a simple iron that will perform its main function – to regularly iron most of the things from your wardrobe without the risk of ruining them. Of course, a low-power, compact travel iron will not be able to smooth out a thick cardigan made of real wool. Therefore, it is important to understand the features of such a seemingly simple technique

BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen

Feature of BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen

  • 9 PRESET MODES – features a clear-view LCD screen, Stop with the guesswork and don’t burn your clothes! Select your fabric type and always iron with the right heat. Ideal temps for nylon, silk, wool, cotton, jeans, linen and more.
  • DOUBLE CERAMIC SOLEPLATE – Harder than stainless steel, super scratch resistant, and more durable and easier to clean! Protect your delicate clothes with a unique double-layer design that ensures even heating of the entire soleplate.
  • BE SAFER WITH AUTO SHUTOFF – We all get distracted at some point, so DON’T PUT THOSE AROUND YOU AT RISK! Motion sensors automatically shut off the iron to avoid danger when it sits motionless for too long.
  • 100% PRE-TESTED and FULLY FEATURED – Every Beautural Iron is tested by our QA team before leaving the factory so you’re assured quality right out of the box.


Having decided on the varieties of modern models, as well as the price range, it is worth paying attention to the parameters. You shouldn’t be guided by every “hot offer” if you don’t know how to choose an iron for home or travel. The fact is that many manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost of their goods due to the quality of materials, power and other important parameters, while focusing the attention of a potential buyer on unimportant functions. Consider the current standards so as not to fall for the trick of marketers:

sole type– not only ease of use depends on the quality of the working surface of the iron, but also efficiency, price, heating rate and a number of other parameters. In fairness, it is worth noting that each of the materials has pros and cons. Aluminum models heat up / cool down quickly, but do not last long. Metal deforms quickly. Stainless steel models are more durable, but massive and heavy, they cool down longer. More expensive ceramic models glide perfectly on different materials, do not stick to things. The most functional devices work on the basis of two soles with a special attachment for working with delicate fabrics. There are even more expensive titanium units, but it is difficult to answer unequivocally how appropriate such investments are. Here it is important to proceed from financial capabilities, interests. I would like to add, that when choosing an iron, attention should be paid not only to the type, but also to the quality of execution of this structural element. The fact is that models with a thin edge of the sole are more convenient to use when ironing things with buttons. Moreover, the larger the area, the easier it is to work with large volumes of things. Another tip: a sharp nose is better for ironing collars, etc.
power – on the market you can find a model from 1500 W to 2800 W and more. Low-power models are suitable for travel, they smooth out longer, but attract a compact size. Optimally from 1500 to 2200 W – classic home irons fall into this category. More powerful ones up to 2700-2800 watts are designed for use in large families and for professionals. As a rule, such units are equipped with an additional steam station;
modes– most modern models are equipped with a water spray function. It should be borne in mind that the quality of atomizers in different models is different. Constant steam is another useful feature. It is worth noting here that the rate of smoothing of dense tissues depends on the amount of water that is converted into steam. This characteristic is closely related to power. Budget models, as a rule, issue up to 20-30 g / min. This is enough for domestic needs. But for a large family, regular use is desirable from 40 to 60 g / min. However, ease of use also depends on the location of the holes in the sole. Simple models have holes on the sides, more advanced ones give steam from the spout – this is more convenient for smoothing pockets and collars. Steam boost is another useful mode to remove heavy creases. As for the vertical steaming function, it’s up to you. In our opinion, even the presence of this function will not allow replacing the steamer.
equipment – automatic shutdown, anti-drip system, steam intensity regulator, self-cleaning, rotation of the cable at 360C – just a small list of additional “buns” that the iron can be equipped with. Here it is worth comparing the technologies of different brands so as not to miscalculate.