AICOOK Steamer for Clothes, 1200W 25S Travel Garment Steamer, Vertical and Horizontal Handheld Steamer

What is the right way to use a garment steamer? First, you need to prepare the device for operation, having read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Let’s look at this process using the feature of garment steamer.

AICOOK Steamer for Clothes, 1200W 25S Travel Garment Steamer, Vertical and Horizontal Handheld Steamer

Feature of AICOOK Steamer for Clothes, 1200W 25S Travel Garment Steamer, Vertical and Horizontal Handheld Steamer

  • POWERFUL STEAM – 1200W Double-chamber steam technology offer hot powerful steam that penetrates deep into fabrics and relaxes the inner fibers.
  • All Fabrics – Cotton, Wool, Polyester, Plush, Silk, Fiber, Nylon, Velvet and Linen. Suitable for Clothes, Bedding, Table Clothes, Sofas, Toys and So Much More.
  • ‘”ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Clothes Steamer has a design with an ergonomic and comfortable handle, easy to grip. Steam Lock knob can create constant steam for larger items. Special nozzle design distributes the steam powerfully and evenly to easily remove stubborn wrinkles and peculiar smell.

Additional options, functionality and accessories

There are single-mode devices and analogs with variable intensity of steam supply.

The first models process clothes from the same type of fabric. The adjustable steamers are suitable for working with fabrics of various weights – from the finest gas to heavy velor.

The area of ​​the sole of the iron is important. The larger it is, the faster the processing cycle. In this regard, the number of holes in the nozzle matters. If it is significant, then more jets of steam are emitted from the iron, and it more effectively smoothes out folds and wrinkles.

Very useful additional options:

Cleaning the boiler from limescale. The function increases the service life of the device, prevents the appearance of stains on things.

Horizontal steaming. If a stationary device has this option, it can handle furniture, mattresses, pillows.

Removable water tank. In this case, it is possible to fill the tank directly from the tap, and not with a watering can.

Why do you need a steamer

There are many reasons for taking a steamer. Let’s highlight the main advantages of this technique:

Respect for the steamed product. The structure of work and the general design of the steamer is such that it is impossible for them to spoil clothes, since the iron does not use heating elements in its work. Therefore, with the help of the steamer, you can make even the most delicate fabrics that you were afraid to iron with an iron to a perfect look.

Time. According to the statistics of many experiments, the steamer has the ability to iron faster than an iron. Sometimes this ironing time using a steamer can be reduced by up to four or even five times.

There are things that cannot be ironed with an iron. For example, jackets, embroidered dresses, coats, jackets. And then the steamer comes to the rescue, which copes with the task of ironing perfectly.

No shiny spots or creases. The steamer does not leave marks on the fabric, as it does not exert any pressure on it. Garments become softer after using the steamer.

They can iron not only trousers, blouses and dresses, but also curtains and curtains, without even having to remove them from the eaves.

Eliminates odors. The steamer, when exposed to fabric, completely removes unpleasant smells of tobacco and smoke.